CCP Updates Their RSS News Feeds

As I mentioned… okay, bitched about… in Monday’s post, the coming of the new EVE Online community site disconnected the news updates from the old RSS feeds.  The feeds were still there, but no new items were being added after the change over.

RSS logo for an RSS post

CCP Avalon, responding to the grousing of the few of us who actually use RSS and a feed reader (or who populate web sites like Total EVE or the side bar of my own EVE Online Pictures via these feeds), sent out an update over Twitter earlier today with a new set of feeds for EVE Online news.

Since WordPress seems to want to mangle that Tweet due to URLs, the new feeds are as follows:

There are also JSON flavored versions of the feeds, if that is your thing.

The feeds are up and live and populated with current and past items, so it wasn’t even a hard before/after cut over but a smooth transition.

So all is good in that little corner of the world again.  The side bar on my other blog has been updated and once I update Feedly those items should be showing up in the Gaming Company News feed at the bottom of the side bar here as well.

Social media is fine and dandy, but RSS is where you go when you want reliability.

4 thoughts on “CCP Updates Their RSS News Feeds

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Of course Feedly, in an attempt to protect people from themselves, won’t just let you subscribe to these feeds and instead directs you back to the old news feed. I know they want to guide people, but where is the “I know what I am doing dammit!” option here?


    Feedly support says using these URLs will force Feedly to pick the one you want


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    And, of course, there is something with the formatting in the new feeds that gets messed up in my Rube Goldberg side-bar feed so that the posts lose their titles… yet every other company’s feed… not to mention the old EVE feeds… work fine. Time to see if I can figure that out.


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