CCP and Proposed Changes to CSM Elections

CCP announced yesterday that the minutes from the CSM12 Winter Summit are now available for your perusal.

CSM12 still rolling along

The minutes, as always, seem as much a tool to irritate as to inform.  That is just the nature of the beast.  The minutes are a brief record… in 77 pages… of people talking about EVE Online, do people actually doing anything about it.  And the CCP people often respond to ideas or questions in the same way, that they’ve discussed or thought about this or that, but never had time or never got to it.

Because there is the reality of software development; you always have more ideas than time and everything always takes longer than you think.  If, sitting on the outside looking in, you think something should be easy… like, say, remove the DUST514 references from the chat windows… it is probably because you lack the knowledge surrounding it.

So they are there, read them, mine out the few chunks of data, try to read the tea leaves that form the rest, and move on.  Exploding on the forums probably won’t help anything, but if it will make you feel better you can join in.

One item to which CCP decided attention to in their dev blog post was a proposed change up to the CSM elections.  As somebody who has never been a fan of the players electing a focus group… I called the whole thing the Galactic Student Council nearly a decade back… changes in the election process often strike me as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic; the new layout may be nice, but it isn’t going to change the end result.

In the case of the CSM, popularity or being the candidate of an organized group, as opposed to deep game knowledge, wins.  And, of course, null sec is the most organized out of necessity, so guess who is pretty much guaranteed to secure at least half the seats?  So that we get anybody with deep knowledge of aspects of the game is as much chance as anything, though we don’t seem to have as many vanity candidates winning recently.  It seems that people eventually figured out what a “free trip to Iceland” really meant.

Not that I think deep knowledge could change things or “make” CCP do anything.  I like to imagine new, dewy-eyed and determined CSM members showing up in Iceland set to change things and walking away ashen faced like they just got a tour of Voronezh Meat Packing Plant #12.  As with sausages, it is probably best that you not look to hard at how software is made.

Anyway, I digress.

The changes being proposed are, as I read them:

  • Move the CSM elections to a point later in the year
  • Increase the amount of time for campaigns
  • Reduce the actual time spent voting
  • Announce the results sooner

The first point seems to come from the experience of the current CSM members who felt that after Fan Fest, when development starts to slow down a bit as summer vacations begin, would be a better time to bring new members on board.  I don’t think it is a CSM12 conspiracy to extend their own tenure for a couple months, but you never know.

The second, extending the time from when we know the official candidate list through until voting begins, seems to be rooted in the charming belief that the people who aren’t paying attention and who never vote might change their minds if only there was more time to try to distinguish between the huge grid of avatars from which they get to select.

The third point, reducing the actual duration of voting, seems to contradict the above, but really what it means is that CCP has data on actual voting as opposed to campaigning.  They say most people vote on the first day or the last day, basically those were were aching to vote and those who said, “Oh crap, I’d better vote!”  That seems to make sense, but I am sure somebody will cry “voter suppression” over the proposed change.

And then there are the results, which CCP knows pretty much straight away, but which they sit on for weeks and weeks so they can announce them at Fan Fest.  I guess we’ll just have to do without that particular aspect of Fan Fest which, as somebody who will only ever see Fan Fest over a live stream, works for me.

So sure.  Make the changes.  I strongly suspect that they won’t alter the expected outcome and will just give the same people who complain every year about the same things regarding the elections another bullet point or two for their list as we roll on into CSM 13.

6 thoughts on “CCP and Proposed Changes to CSM Elections

  1. bg.

    My hope when I ran for 3 years consecutively as Borat Guereen, standing for what I knew was unpopular items for the null sec cartels, was to see CCP change the process of selection of candidates by taking half of them from the public vote, and the other half on the merit of the campaign they ran, judged by CCP themselves.

    Any change to the CSM short of this is bound to fail to deliver truly varied CSM members that can really represent a wide range of play-styles from what the game has to offer.

    I stopped running when CCP reduced the number of CSM from 14 to 10, reducing even more the chances of independent candidates to get in. If they had associated this change with a few seats that were handed out by CCP directly, based purely on the campaign being run, I would have continued to run.

    As it is, and will be, it is not worth the time.


  2. Dinsdale Pirannha

    Does it really matter anyway?
    The cartels use back channels as much as any open CSM meeting, likely more.
    And the PCU slowly keeps dropping.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dirk – This is New Eden where everything is backwards, so I expect CXM13 to be the luckiest CSM ever.

    @Dins – As I pointed out, in 2017 the PCU went up.

    And yes, if you believe that Goons control CCP via your blackmail and payoff theory, then it doesn’t really matter I suppose. Still, the state of the window dressing seems to be amiss.


  4. Dinsdale Pirannha

    Ummm…yeah, the PCU went up, when you include all the non-paying Alpha’s. Bottom line, the PCU today is pretty close to the PCU in 2016, if not a little lower, and in 2016 they were all paying accounts.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dins – This is why nothing you say can be taken seriously. There is an easy to find/use third party site that will tell you the PCU. You could have checked that. But no, your narrative is true in your hear, and part of that is that the PCU is cratering, something that totally failed to happen in 2017. So you have to come back with, “Yeah, but Alphas!” You should be on Reddit. Neither of us knows if Alphas spend any money or not. But that wasn’t part of what you said, that is an after the fact excuse as to why you were wrong.

    And, of course, we know why the PCU goes up when it does; wars in null sec and press coverage of null sec battles. But you hate null sec, which sort of seems to mean you hate EVE. But we knew that already.

    Oh, and congratulations, your comment was the 30,000th comment on the blog. There is no prize, but you can put that on your resume or something.


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