Citadel Destruction Unleashed

A major aspect of the February update released last week was the Upwell 2.0 revisions.  Those were designed to make blowing up citadels… at least unused or neglected citadels… much easier.

An Astrahus meeting its end

A couple items… the shields being vulnerable at all times along with the new “low power” mode that removed the armor timer from the mix… were combined to make the removal of citadels easier.  You could no longer just leave one sitting unfueled with the vulnerability times set to an awkward hour and expect people to leave it alone because it wasn’t worth the effort.

Or such was the hope.

But any revamp that comes with a flow chart can be a risk in the comprehension department.

How to blow up a citadel

Fortunately it seems that the prospect of blowing things up is enough to get people to pay attention and focus.  CCP Quant posted a chart showing a huge surge of structure reinforcements the day the Upwell 2.0 changes went live.

Structure Reinforcement Spike, Feb. 15, 2018 – That should be M, L, and XL

Reinforcing Upwell structures was easy now though.  You could do it whenever you wanted.  The question was whether or not people would follow through.

Looking at zKillboard it appears that they did.  The first short timers started to come due on Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018, and if you look at the losses for the various Upwell structure flavors for that date there is a clear uptick in kills.

Astrahus citadels, the most common structure floating around in space, saw a wave of destruction.  Looking at losses for recent days, 5-20 seems to be about the range of kills on any given date.

Saturday saw 218 Astrahus kills by my count, most of them being purged from wormhole space.  WH space also happens to be the part of space without asset safety so, unlike elsewhere, there is a chance to find a loot pinata.  This led wormholers to go after them with gusto I gather.

Likewise, the Raitaru, the other common medium structure, saw 95 blown up on Saturday.  Again, this was heavily in WH space.

Other Upwell structures also saw an increase in destruction save for Keepstars and Sotiyos… both are big investments and unlikely to be in low power mode… though nothing close to the above two.  even Tataras saw a slight uptick with three going down on Saturday.  So op success I suppose.  Structures made easier to kill were killed en mass.

Who will pick up the pieces?  Who brought a salvager?

After this orgy of destruction it seems as though the pace will slacken.  The easy targets have largely been singled out and blow up I imagine.  And, aside from those found in WH space, the incentive for blowing up these structures is just kill mails and the joy of seeing something explode.  But sometimes that is enough.

Anyway, more things going “boom” in New Eden.

1 thought on “Citadel Destruction Unleashed

  1. Knug

    Asset safety is the biggest fail in the current gameplay.

    Folks in WH have the most difficult logistics in any space in the game, have the least predictable threat environment, the worst intel data available, and some of the most opportunistic players around them. And yet, these groups hold the vast majority of their assets in stations that are potentially 2 days away from turning into a loot pinats. And seem to be successful at it.

    Why do folks in losec and in null, who decide to place assets in citadels have such a safety net as asset safety ?

    Every day there is a fairly good chance that Hard Knocks, Lazerhawks or the rest of a handful of large, well equipped, highly motivated, very skilled, organized alliances can connect to a wh where assets are stored. Every day there are new connections to a wh that need to be actively found, with no local to tell you if zero, 1 or 75 pilots are now in the system. You could have multiple capitals inbound with a subcap fleet to support them, and until they hit your dscan you just don’t know they’re there. The connections are random, so no intel channels saying a big fleet are 10 j out, or a gank fleet is 2j away from your tiny gang. With random connections, there is no easy way to get reinforcements in, because you can’t predict where the route may be. There are no equivalents to cyno inhibitors to prevent unexpected connections.

    And yet, folks build fortizars and keepstars there. Without asset safety.

    If risk begets reward, why do folks risk so much more, but not get the higher rewards ?

    Why is true null space (wh space) rated lower than common null space by CCP ?

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