Burn Jita Back for 2018

“BOHICA!” as they used to say at Lockheed back in the day.

Back when CCP would warn you about these things

For the sixth year in a row Goons and allies have staged themselves in Jita with thousands of cheap, expendable ships with an eye to destroying as many freighters, jump freighters, and other large industrial ships as possible via suicide ganks.  Burn Jita is on.

Gank fit destroyers on the move

Last year saw the event bring down the Jita node on the opening day as prime time hit.  We will see if that happens again this year.

As I noted in my reflections on the event last year, the process of singling out a target and killing it is ruthlessly efficient, with very little downtime between kills.  If you go along you are getting in on a kill about every 20 minutes.

Part of that is because the people who run this event are very good at ganking freighters now, but the other part is that people will continue to blithely continue to undock their ships full of valuable cargo even when local is full of characters named “BJ Bee…” who are announcing Burn Jita in chat over and over again.

An Obelisk learns about Burn Jita

You are not safe if you manage to get out of Jita.  Bumpers are waiting on the gates in systems around Jita.

The event is slated to last 72 hours, so if you want to be safe take the weekend off.

10 thoughts on “Burn Jita Back for 2018

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha

    “Take the weekend off”. Heluva marketing slogan. I am sure that CCP marketing must love you guys. Any new players starting in the next 72 hours, or rather anyone 1st year casual player who does not follow the forums, will quite likely quit the game.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dins – Yeah, yeah, you cry a river for people in freighters because “Grr, Goons” but people out there actually ganking newbies, I’m sure you’re fine with them.

    Look at that, six day old account, in the ship he got from the career agent quest line, all blown up. The guys in the freighters, they’re just going to collect their insurance and buy a new ship. That guy, he may be done.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dins – Ha ha, despite claiming you don’t play it anymore you complain about EVE Online in comments like you’re obsessed with it. Goons, nulls sec, events, CCP, you seem to hate them all. Technically, Burn Jita should make you happy if it drives players away.

    And yet, here you are.


  4. Gevlon

    I remember the good old days when Goons didn’t get a kill on most attempts because people fought back. There were reppers, ECM-ers, wardeccers with instalock poppers and of course reinforced bait freighters.

    But I guess they all quit now and all that’s left are Goons, PL, botters and oblivious players.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – The thing is that, after all these years, MiniLuv has refined their tactics to the point that things like war decs don’t really matter. The fleet undocks, warps to an insta before they are vulnerable, warps to a perch, then drops on the target and shoots. At no stop is there enough time to do much before the target is down.

    The most effective counter I’ve seen is when the FC uses the same insta too often and the fleet lands on a few smart bombing battleships. Otherwise people hanging around the freighters seems to mostly be interested in padding their killboard stats by tagging as many gankers after Concord locks them down.

    Also, the numbers brought along tend to make the idea of a bait freighter obsolete. A fleet of disposable Coercers melt through most things, and the MiniLuv people bring along some heavier firepower for special targets like this Ark.

    Most of all I think people just ignore the whole thing. Reddit doesn’t get worked up about it like they used to back in the day. Freighters die, but freighters die every single day. The number will spike a bit over the weekend, but not by a huge amount. And the fact that there is no pre-announcement build up probably diminishes the resistance as well.


  6. sembelius

    now, the event is runing just a few hours, but the way between Amarr and Jita is free for freighters


  7. A Simple Merc

    Gevlon , you really , really need to let this hatred of goons go , its not healthy man . There are plenty of players who still play eve and love the game. Don’t disrespect us all by calling us oblivious players or even worse PL


  8. Smiley Joe

    ECM, war dec’ers, and the like would work if the gankers were just a small 5-10 man gang Gelvon. The fleet is a tad bit larger than that. Some wuss-puss war dec’ers are one man multi-boxers would not even so much as dip a pinkie toe into low sec and play station games when opposition actually shows up anyways.


  9. Mister Potato

    >> if you want to be safe take the weekend off.

    For me just means waiting an extra week before re-subbing with a Plex. It’s all good.


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