Honest Game Trailers – Sea of Thieves

I had Sea of Thieves on my outlook list for 2017, where I rather aptly felt adrift.  Of course it, like almost every other title on that list, did not ship in 2017, so I made a new list for 2018 with a different theme and went on my way.

But Sea of Thieves did ship this year and what I’ve read about it has been… mixed.  And so here is the Honest Game Trailers take on the game.

That seems to align with what I’ve read, but since I haven’t played it I cannot confirm how legit it is.  And, of course, nothing here makes me at all keen to go give it a try.

1 thought on “Honest Game Trailers – Sea of Thieves

  1. Isey

    I played in an earlier Alpha and it is true that the sailing and water graphics and physics is actually incredible. You could make a great game out of it. The alpha was great mostly because there weren’t too many people so seeing somebody was exciting and scary if they are going to get you or not. Now live I hear it’s the opposite you can’t go anywhere without getting griefed. Again good idea good art style I enjoyed it – great sailing – but no game here to play for me.


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