Into the Abyss and Our Triglavian Future

The EVE Fanfest keynote yesterday was full of news, from the name and date of the next expansion to the fact that somebody at CCP finally tried doing Planetary Interaction and realized that they really need to fix that interface.  I’d actually like to re-watch it, but they haven’t gotten around to putting the replay up on Twitch or YouTube as I am writing this.  No doubt there is too much partying to be done at the moment.  Anyway, it will get posted eventually.

The next expansion will be Into the Abyss and will be coming out on May 29, 2018.

Into the Abyss

One of the big items coming with the expansion is a new type of PvE content which will involve cruiser class ships entering what are being called Abyssal Deadspace.  This appears to be instanced PvE, though your entry and exit point will be marked with an Abyssal Filament, the key to getting in and out of this content, and other players will be able to scan it down and surprise you as you emerge from the instanced pocket.

There you will encounter the Triglavian Collective, a faction newly discovered when one of their ships fell into CONCORD hands.  This ship itself was visible while under quarantine in the Youli system, as documented over at EVE Travel.

The Triglavian cruiser in Youli

I am not sure how they were named.  The “tri” part no doubt refers to the somewhat triangular symmetry of their ships, but the “glavin” part is a mystery.

Late one evening at CCP HQ… a whole post just to support this one joke

Or maybe it has something to do with the tallest mountain in Slovenia.  I don’t know.

Anyway, running Abyssal Deadspace sounds like it will have some scaling level of difficulty, with content getting harder the deeper you penetrate, as well as a time limit, after which time the pocket will collapse and evict you.  Sounds like a vaguely sexual metaphor.

The rewards for this effort will be access to Triglavian ships and technology.  There will be three new ships (frigate, cruiser, and battleship), and new powerful weapons technology, and what are called ”

A multiplasmid for a 50MN MWD

The multiplasmid drops will be specific for a type of module and will change its attributes when applied.  So, as a demonstration, CCP Rise showed the result when one of these was used.

A mutated 50MN MWD

CCP Rise said that the resulting Abyssal MWD was more powerful than any of that class currently in the game, and the only downside was a slight increase in CPU requirements for fitting.

And then he showed us another attempt where literally every attribute on the module was worse.

A badly mutated 50MN MWD

The module was essentially made, if not useless, useful only for comedic/ironic value.

So there we have it.  CCP is introducing instanced PvE and random number generator based module upgrades.  My prediction is that PvE players will reject this new content the way they seem to reject most new PvE content while contnuing to claim CCP never does anything for high sec, that bitter vets will get testy about the random aspect of this, /r/eve will be filled with threads featuring screen shots of comically ruined modules, and that the new ships and weapon systems will be overpowered and will need to be nerfed as soon as they fall within the price range of the average player.

Basically, an MMO expansion.

Anyway, there was only a preview of what was coming with the keynote.  I am sure we will get a lot more information as Fanfest goes on, so anything I said here might be superseded by reality.

Addendum: Reddit post with details from the Triglavian panel.  Also, something about the ships.

Addendum: I got up this morning to find CCP had posted the EVE Keynote to YouTube, so you can see what I was referring to.


13 thoughts on “Into the Abyss and Our Triglavian Future

  1. Helena Khan

    As someone who does a wee bit of exploration and has a module or two not worth all that much sitting around, this sounds like it’s a well worthwhile addition. Not just from the game play perspective, but also for the chance to build something really quite special. Being a casual (solo) player as well, this is exactly the kind of content we’ve been asking for… for…….well, pretty much forever. Most especially as CCP seemed, for a considerable period, to be driving towards group content only. As always, the devil is in the details. Cautiously hopeful, but we shall see.


  2. anypo8

    Hate the random weapon mods so much. If these become popular I’m going to give up my shipfitting job with my corp because it will be stupid to even try. Hundreds of hours learning the weird CCP modules and their meta, and now they just pile random garbage into it. Who asked for this? Who wanted it? How does it possibly improve the game?


  3. SynCaine

    Curious to see what happens to the price of deadspace and officer mods. On the one hand, if you can turn a T2 mod into something better than officer, officer mods should drop in price. On the other, if the stat range for officer mods is much larger, and you can turn one of those into a god-tier mod, the price will go up, especially because some (most?) will end up getting bad rolls and become less valuable.

    I can see some comically expansive ships in the AT, assuming CCP allows these mods.


  4. Gevlon

    CCP still doesn’t get basic economy. Players follow rewards and no matter what content they introduce, the optimal way of getting the reward is … keep doing whatever you were doing and buy it in Jita. Sure, it implies that someone does the content, but it will be some early adopter who practiced it on test server and now doing it on 6 accounts, 10 hours a day, mass producing the reward.


  5. Catalina de Erauso

    “My prediction is that PvE players will reject this new content the way they seem to reject most new PvE content while contnuing to claim CCP never does anything for high sec,”

    Taken from the forum:

    >>Definitively, it’s a “pass”. I’d rather have a whole new batch of Level 4s, but CCP knows better.

    Highsec content must be:

    doable in less than an hour login to logout -check
    dependable (you’re rewarded each time you do it) -fail
    rewarding (in any sense: isk OR fun OR chitchatting OR doing other things while you EVE) -fail?
    allow suboptimal tactics, aka reward creativity (say, run Level 4s in T2 frigates for the lulz) -fail
    must be expanded regularly to avoid staleness -fail?>>

    I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Because, he’s kind of right… if all PvE players just want is more agent missions, then CCP is missing the mark completely with every expansion to PvE.

    But maybe CCP actually does know better?


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    That is why I made the statement. I have heard before that what many high sec PvE players really want is a set reward for a pretty much no-fail mission. Making PvE “more interesting” doesn’t cut it, no matter how many times people say it.


  7. Random poster

    Kind of agree with Gevlon on this. These mods seem to be there version of a lootboxing, but with an even bigger downside in that not only will it be frikkin random but you can make the item you started with worse. Just wth really.


  8. Random poster

    Bah can’t edit. Anyway its one of those things where a BoP mechanic would make sense if they want people to actually do the content instead of earning ISK the cheap easy way and buying from the market.


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