A Return to Quiet in Fade

After the thousand ship battle of the previous night I wondered if GotG would keep that up to clear our structures from their space.  However, it seems that level of effort two nights running wasn’t going to happen as we formed up again and headed to DO6H-Q.

We went back to their staging system again, this time with less than a hundred ships, to cover a couple of things.  We were, once again, dropping a pair of Raitarus on their Keepstar grid.  In addition, the remaining Raitaru was coming into its final timer, so if GotG wanted to destroy it, this would be the time.

The Keepstar from the active Raitaru

The GotG response, however, was desultory.

We arrived in system and not much was going on.  We roamed around the grid where the two new Raitarus were deploying, but no forces were forming up to meet us, much less chase us off.

Two Raitarus deploying

To pass the time we went off to one of their towers to shoot their jump bridge module.  This, as before, meant more work for logi as the tower on which the jump bridge had been anchored was armed.  Lots of calls for reps.

Shooting a jump bridge module again

As we did that a few of the locals headed out to the structures to hit them as a way to annoy us.  We warped back a couple of times and caught a few after which they became a bit more wary.  Back on the jump bridge a couple of game pilots tried to bomb us.

It was at the jump bridge that we suffered our only loss, a Vigil that got popped by the tower.

A Raitaru deploying

The Raitarus take six days to come online due to being in space owned by somebody else.  Those will be future fights.  After we popped the jump bridge, deciding to make them spend the ISK to replace it rather than making them repair it, we were back to the online Raitaru to watch its timer tick down.

Just two minutes or so to go…

That went without issue and the Raitaru was saved, leaving GotG to start over again on the cycle to destroy it.  I understand that they got out a small fleet of bombers and Eagles to shoot it this morning to get that under way.

After that we had a Raitaru in a system next door to watch as it came online, leaving us another place to tether and dock up.  As we roamed around I noticed another Raitaru coming online in their space.

Another location coming soon

Overall as we did that we managed to pick off enough of the locals to make it worth generating a battle report to get the tally.

Battle Report Header

We ended up blowing up a few pilots multiple times, and got the pods on some, which is how the number ends up with 48 ships but only 23 pilots.

Meanwhile, as we did that in one fleet I had an alt in another fleet that was cruising around and blowing up leftover Pandemic Horde structures.

Astrahus going up

Aside from running into some Caldari faction warfare pilots, who chased us off, but then killed the Astrahus we were shooting, so goal accomplished, it was an easy op delivering torpedoes on one target after another.  And while PH is no longer in the area, these being gone means less places for any of the locals to tether up.

And so it goes.  One night a thousand people in local.  The next night almost nobody is there to resist us.  So we laid the groundwork for further fights.  We shall see when GotG chooses to rise up and defend again.

6 thoughts on “A Return to Quiet in Fade

  1. Gevlon

    The problem is that GotG has no reason to fight you besides “fun”. They know that you cannot permanently occupy this space, nor you need it for anything. Ergo, they just have to wait until you get bored with no-show fights clean up your structures uncontested and replace what they’ve lost.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – That’s not really a problem for us. We’ll keep shooting their stuff and dropping on their ratters and miners until there is something better for us to do. We’ve been running around up there since November, so we clearly aren’t in a hurry to move on.

    It does seem to be a problem for them. A morale problem. Leaving us be was the strategy before the big battle the other night and it led to some embarrassing defections that brought along a number of things, including an unanchored Keepstar. If people can’t rat and mine safely and their coalition isn’t taking fights, what is the point of sticking around?


  3. Gevlon

    @Wilhelm: who are “them” who has a problem? The ratters and the miners? They might jump ship because they can’t care less which alliance they rat/mine in. There will always be one that take them.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – Well, a new bit of news. Sort Dragon, head of GotG, has reached out to hire Black Legion to come and defend their space from us. We’ll see how that works out.


  5. Gevlon

    @Wilhelm: which indicates a weird world. Rats and ore isn’t the resource that players harvest. Players are the resource that monetizers harvest. Sort Dragon is in the danger that all his players jump ship because their ratting/mining is disturbed, so he hires mercs from his own money.

    I’d say it’s not optimal game design.


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