Coming Aquatic Update to be the Last for Some Minecraft Platforms

Microsoft subsidiary Mojang has been working on a big update for classic Minecraft, now dubbed Minecraft Java Edition.  The Aquatic Update will bring a host of sea life features to the game when it goes live.

I am looking forward to the update, which will bring dolphins, turtles, coral, and a bunch of other changes to Minecraft.

Dolphins are coming!

Mojang has said that all platforms will be getting this update, but for some it will be the last update they get as the company drops support.

Players on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and the Vita will not see any future updates, those platforms reportedly representing less than 5% of the active Minecraft player base.

Mincecraft: Java Edition, or classic Minecraft, makes the cut this time and will continue to be supported.

I’ve been a bit worried about old school Java-based Minecraft since the Windows 10 edition of the game was announced.  The Java Edition is the most open and mod-friendly part of Minecraft, but it is developed on its own code base and doesn’t have a cash shop attached to it the way the other editions do.  The extra work and lack of extra revenue stream has made me wonder how long it will be around, to the point of predicting that end of support for it will be announced this year.

This time around though it has dodged the bullet.  I don’t want to be right on this prediction, but we know how loudly the cash shops speaks.  We’ll see how long it lasts.

3 thoughts on “Coming Aquatic Update to be the Last for Some Minecraft Platforms

  1. zaphod6502

    I would hate to see development of the Java edition stopped. I use the SEUS Shader Pack mod and it really improves the graphics so much I could never go back to the original.


  2. Mazer

    What Zaph said; the first time I played Minecraft it was vanilla and lasted me all of a weekend before I dumped it for at least a year. Opinion obviously and I enjoy reading your vanilla exploits but if mods were out of the picture I don’t think I’d ever pick vanilla over any of the several other sandbox games out there now.


  3. Knug

    If they end support for it, I’m ok, so long as I can still use it.

    As a note, I’ve been playing the snapshots and the new stuff is great. For those of use that play only on hardcore (single life) the waters aren’t safe. Those buggers with the tridents are nasty and the things that attack you from above if you’ve skipped sleeping too long are very nasty. The wrecks in the oceans are great, as are the undersea vistas.


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