CSM13 Elections to be Held June 4 to 11

After announcing the list of of official candidates and little more, CCP put out a dev blog today that finally gave us the official dates for the CSM 13 election.

Coming to a virtual space voting booth this June…

From the post:

The election will run for one week, from 12 noon UTC (EVE Time) on 4 June – 12 noon UTC on 11 June.

As they announced back in February the duration of the election itself will be shorter than usual. That is considerably less time than the CSM 12 election, which ran from March 2nd to the 27th last year, but still more time that they gave candidates to register for CSM 13 earlier this year.

The stated reason for shortening the election run was that most people vote on the first day or the last day, with little play in between.

The election will be open to all Omega accounts, so if you have multiple accounts you can vote early and often.  The candidate list was given to us back at Fanfest.

The CSM13 candidate list

That probably isn’t much help, even if you click on the picture to view it full size.  However, as the dev blog points out, Nosy Gamer has his CSM Wire site up to date.  You can go there to read what is known about each candidate.  Or you can go look at the official candidate list.

The original estimate was that the election would happen sometime in the April/May time frame, but things will get pushed out.

The CSM 13 time line that we have so far:

  • Applications are open – March 19 to 23
  • Application processing – March 23 to April 11
  • Candidates for CSM 13 announced – EVE Fanfest, April 12-14
  • Voting – June 4-11
  • Election Results Announced – Some point shortly after the elections close
  • Summer – CSM 13 onboarding & orientation
  • CSM 13 Summit 1 – September (likely dates are Sept 3-6)
  • CSM 13 Summit 2 – February

Now that we know when voting will commence we have an idea how much longer candidates have to inject themselves into the consciousness of the electorate.

3 thoughts on “CSM13 Elections to be Held June 4 to 11

  1. Nosy Gamer

    Have you tried to read the information from the official candidates list? Every time you click to read more and click back, the list of candidates re-randomizes. It’s horrible.

    On a brighter note, no one can say CCP Guard didn’t give everyone who wants to cover the election enough lead time.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Nosy – That is CCP trying to be impartial. The list re-orders whenever you load it. Tough to tell where you left off though, that’s for sure. But they can use your site if they want stability and alphabetization in the list.


  3. Lorelei Ierendi

    I think I am going to keep reloading the page until I am near the top and then screenshot it.
    It would have been nice knowing earlier exactly when the elections will be happening. They encouraged starting forum threads once applications were submitted… but I – at least – feel like having been left swinging in the wind waiting for the starting pistol.

    There is only so much spamming of channels that people can take before it gets annoying and ends up counter-productive… I hope that I haven’t been getting on too many people’s nerves too soon!


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