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EVE Online Third Party Apocalypse Day

The deadline in question is May 8th, 2018. On this date, we’ll be shutting down the XML and CREST APIs.

Announcement, Third Party Developer Blog

Today is the day.  It was announced back in January that the old XML and CREST APIs interfaces into EVE Online would be turned off.  The new ESI API has replaced them both.

Those APIs were how many of us got our data into various utilities over the years.  CCP was fairly forward thinking in giving us that access which has allowed third parties to make our lives in New Eden much easier.

Theses APIs have, I suppose, even been a crutch for CCP.  By allowing things like the old EVE Fitting Tool application to be viable let CCP work on other things while leaving the very rudimentary fitting interface in the game to stay as it was for many years.  It allowed third parties to fill in the many gaps in their product.

Of course, it isn’t the end of all of that today.  Plenty of projects have made the transition from XML or CREST to the new ESI API.

Everybody’s favorite zKillboard made the transition a while back.  Likewise, the essetial DOTLAN EVE Maps site made the transition as well, though cut it a bit closer to the wire.

The null sec influence maps have some issues, but are reported to be mostly working.

In the Imperium our character validations swapped over to the ESI API back in March with a deadline to get all players and corporations on it by the middle of last month.  Those who did not make the cut got kicked.  GSF saw a drop of thousands of accounts as a byproduct.

TNT, my own alliance, made the transition more recently.  I am up on the new API there and in our new forums.  I am not sure how reimbursement will work now though.  To submit a loss you have to include the in-game CREST API link.  Did that get updated?  I guess I will find out next time I lose a ship.

Basically, essential things and actively supported projects seem to have made the transition and are mostly running today the way they were yesterday.

The apocalypse has come in the form of languishing projects, things no longer fully supported because the original developer has given up or moved on.  There are many older utilities and sites that were still humming along, able to do their thing mostly okay up until today.

The biggest hit for me on that front is EVEMon.

The familiar logo

The death of EVEMon is a serious blow.  This was the first utility for EVE Online I discovered and it has remained a staple of my time with the game ever since.  I remember when the EVEMon site was hosted over at Battle Clinic, itself a couple years gone.  I launch this application almost every single day when I log into my computer.

And now it is dead.

I am not sure how I am going to replace it.

Sure, there are other utilities that do bits and pieces of what EVEMon did, and the interface within the game has gotten much, much better over the years.  But I have grown so used to EVEMon as a one stop shop to check things across multiple characters over the years that I suspect that I am going to need to hide the icon for it lest I continue to open it up out of habit.

This might be the end of my post every 10 million skill points.  I use EVEMon to collect that data because it was the easiest way to get at it.

So say good-bye to EVE Mon.

My backup plan for doing that post was EVEboard Character Sheets.  However that seems to have been a victim of today’s shut down as well.

Pretty sure those API errors are not temporary…

The site is run by Chribba, and the news section on the front page still points to the now dead API pages, all of which return a 404 if you attempt to visit them.  There is no time stamp on when he did the last update, but it was probably a while back and there is no mention of the new ESI API.  So this could be the end for that site as well.

I also looked into EVE HQ, another utility app, but the current version there still wants you to enter the old API information, so no joy on that front.

These are not the APIs you’re looking for…

There is talk of a future version using the ESI API, but nothing concrete.  Third party developers have lives outside of their utilities.

Today is probably also the final nail in the coffin for the languishing EVE Fitting Tool (EFT).  It hasn’t seen a full update since 2016, but somebody was providing new data files for it to keep it useful.  With the end of access to character data to see if you can fly your spiffy new fit, it feels like it might be time to let that go as well.

There is better news on the Pyfa front, the other ship fitting app.  There was a beta version of the 2.0 release of it made available last week that has the ESI API integrated.

Anyway, there are probably more casualties in the API shut down out there that I haven’t seen.  I didn’t make any sort of detailed survey other than looking for something to replace EVEMon.

My only other concern is reliability.  My experience with ESI so far has been a bit problematic.  As I noted above we have to register our characters with the coalition or get kicked.  That is fine, I did that as soon as it was an option.  However, in going back to check every so often, I have found a couple of my characters unregistered.  Once it was even my main.  I don’t know if this is a problem with the ESI API or the GSF end of things, but now I feel like I have to check on it weekly just to be sure I don’t end up getting kicked.

Life in a null sec coalition.

There is a final eulogy post for the all APIs up on the third party developer site to remember their origin and mark their demise.  In a final ironic twist, there is a link to the “curated” list of third party apps which includes more than a few dead ones, EVEMon included.

And so it goes.