Something Missing in Scarlet Gorge

Yes, I am still playing Rift Prime, though I haven’t spent much time there over the last few of weeks.  I’ve made a bit of progress, but events in New Eden and a growing sense of ennui has dominated my play time.

Tiger racing through the sticks, trumped by spaceship politics

While I was caught up in levels… or so I felt… I did linger about Stonefield for a bit longer to wrap up a few achievements.  Alas, I could not find two more quests to get the achievement for that, but I did find the torch up on the rocks above Granite Falls for the Dancing with Squirrels.

Stop… Squirrel Time

From there I headed into Scarlet Gorge, the next zone up the chain.

Looking into Scarlet Gorge

I did notice that, as I passed into the zone there was a quest giver standing off to one side who gave me passage through the portal into Iron Pine Peaks.  That was nice, and I filed that away for later, because in my head, IPP was a higher level zone and not something I would bother with at that point.

Scarlet Gorge started as I remembered and I ran through the initial quest chain and followed it northward up the valley until it sort of stopped at about the mid point.  It felt like I missed a chain or a turn somewhere.  I rode further up and ended in mobs that were four and more levels above me.  That wasn’t playing.  My brain seemed to insist that there was more to do, but wasn’t pointing me at anything viable.

I did recalled that I needed to go up the sky tram at the starting hub to an encampment up on one of the peaks.  There I found myself just within the right level range, but that quickly led me into Scarwood Reach.  I was still just level 27 so that did not bode well.

In looking at the map however, I noticed that I had another option.

Map of my area

I can still find references to Iron Pine Peak starting at level 41, but that appears to have been revamped somewhere along the way and was now right in the level range for me.  I took a side trip up there into the snow and ice.

So I headed through the local portal and went to play in the snow.

The quest chain in IPP seemed familiar in that way things do when you’re been away for five years but still have bits and pieces of bouncing around in your head.  IPP was not one of my favorite zones, but I hauled around there through level 28 and into level 29.

Level 29 in the snow

That done, I actually hit the portal at the west end of IPP and headed back to Scarwood Reach where I started in on the quest line there.  For some reason Scarwood Reach is another zone that I remember pretty well, so I have been following the chain of tasks there.

I’ve been here before… I know where the artifacts spawn

Scarwood Reach as a zone is pretty good and I have move through it well enough.

Overall however, momentum in Rift Prime has clearly slowed down.  The guild I am in, which was semi-active, with everybody playing at least a bit each week, has now pretty much dragged to a halt.  I may be the only one who has logged into the game in the last two weeks.

As I mentioned at the top of the post, activity in EVE Online has been eating up a good portion of my gaming time.  But the ennui bit is also a factor too.  I’ve probably played more Age of Empires II in the last week than Rift Prime in the last two weeks.  I also had a good game of Civilization II going over the weekend, though that has reached a bit of a “me vs. the world” stalemate… which I still played for a while rather than log into Rift.

I’m not calling it yet, but my nostalgia time here seems to be in peril.

7 thoughts on “Something Missing in Scarlet Gorge

  1. Telwyn

    I ran out of steam after coming back from holiday. I did use more gem things to buy some more game time but nostalgia just doesn’t do it for me and keeping pace seems so essential on these progression servers.


  2. Asmiroth

    Nostalgia is meant for the heart, not the hands.

    And it’s doubly so for MMOs, given that they are predicated on the social aspect in order to be viable. There’s always attrition in an MMO, but legacy servers are extremely prone to it since the “live” game is just a click away.


  3. Pendan

    I don’t see anything you are doing at this point that could not be done on the free to play server. Instead you will lose play on this char when decide not worth the game money you have stored up or real money.


  4. bhagpuss

    I don’t think there was ever as much differenc ebetween Rift Prime and Rift Live as there has been between progression and live servers in other MMOs. It seemed to come down to a high population to keep the dynamic events flowing. Without the population factor and if someone is going to mostly solo anyway I would think Live would be a far better option now.

    Rift Prime might have a purpose as a dry run for better-organized future special rules servers but honestly, I never felt Rift had enough content to justify a full-blown “progression” server. What might work a lot better would be very short-run, time limited “race to the top” server, lasting maybe just a month – certainly no longer than 3 months – with meaningful Account-level rewards that offer desirable benefits to Live characters. That ruleset could be repeated quarterly and retain some element of excitement.


  5. HarbingerZero

    Ooh, I remember Scarlet Gorch and Scarwood Reach…and not really liking either one of them. That range of levels just seemed to be a dry patch for me when I leveled through it back in the day.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Well, the live server for Rift has no appeal for me whatsoever. It was the new server smell and reduced scope of the game that appealed to me. Rift is dead for me once Storm Legion hits.

    And I think some of you might be indicting Rift Prime for a more general break from the fantasy MMORPG genre on my part. If I said I wasn’t playing Rift because I was playing WoW or something, that would be one thing. But I am simply not playing any fantasy MMORPG, aside from a bit of dabbling in Rift Prime.

    We’ll see what happens when the pre-launch events for Battle for Azeroth show up.

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