SuperData and How God of War and Fortnite Ruled April

The SuperData Research Digital Sales numbers for April 2018 have been released.

SuperData Research Top 10 – April 2018

On the PC side of the chart the status quo ante of the top three was restored as League of Legends, which dropped to second place in March, returned to its usual position at the top of the list.  The Dungeon Fighter Online insurgency was put down.

Elsewhere on the PC list, Fortnite held on to fifth position and World of Warcraft held on to sixth.  Popping onto the list in the seventh spot was HearthstoneWorld of Tanks held eighth position for another month while PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds dropped from seventh to ninth and CS:GO held tenth again.

On the console chart, Fortnite held the top spot for another month, while the newly released God of War ran up to second position as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.  FIFA 18 held on to third while PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds remains buried by Fortnite on the console front, completely missing from the list.  Also disappearing is the XBox exclusive Sea of Thieves which broke into the console chart last month.

I do wonder whether H1Z1 will be able to make the chart, sqeezing back into the battle royal market it lost a hold of.  The report is that 1.5 million people downloaded the H1Z1 beta.  We shall see if that translates into sales going forward.

On the mobile chart Pokemon Go and Candy Crush Saga both held onto spots, but Lineage M, which brought in so much revenue for NCsoft in their last quarterly report, fell off.

Other items from the SuperData Research report:

  • Fortnite can’t be stoppedonce again it broke the record for most additional content revenue in a single month by a console game.
  • Fortnite breaks another record. Epic’s Battle Royale shooter made $296 million in April across Console, PC and Mobile, up from $223 million in March.
  • Console spend was up a whopping 44% in April due to the record-breaking success of both Fortnite and God of War
  • God of War has the largest console exclusive digital launch to date. Sony’s new exclusive title sold an estimated 2.1 million digital units at launch in April. This is more than double that of the second-largest Sony exclusive launch, Uncharted 4.
  • Grand Theft Auto V is finally showing its age. GTA V Online revenue declined 9% year-over-year, ending an impressive streak of 12 consecutive months with year-over-year growth. GTA V Online has declined sequentially every month since the start of the year, likely in part due to the continued rise of Fortnite as well as a dearth of significant content updates from Rockstar.
  • Honour of Kings hits a new high. Honour of Kings further cemented itself as the top grossing mobile title in the world with another $185 million in revenue generated during April, up from $171 million in March and $149 million last April.

4 thoughts on “SuperData and How God of War and Fortnite Ruled April

  1. bhagpuss

    What happens inside a company when a product unexpectedly runs wild the way Fortnite has? A few months ago Epic had a niche PvE/builder title in Early Access that wasn’t doing all that much. Now they’re taking in half a billion dollars in two months.

    Especially given that Fortnite Battle Royale is essentially a tweak on the original product, something Epic was apparently able to whip up in a few idle moments, presumably costing them next to nothing, where does all this utterly unexpected money end up? It’s not like they have to plow it all back into further product development, is it? I doubt the cost of keeping the cash shop stocked with skins to fuel that “additional content” stream is going to make much of a dent.

    I did read something about them putting up some ridiculous amount of prize money (was it $100m?) but even so… Do a few individuals just get suddenly very, very rich? Do they have shareholders or investors to pay off? Do they just pour it all into a giant Scrooge mcDuck money pit and roll around in it? Most importantly, will they ever want,or need, to make another game?

    When this sort of thing happens in music (albeit never on quite this scale – games seem to have moved into another league entirely) it’s usually the signal for creativity to slump, self-indulgence to spike and meaningful carreer progress to go on hold for years. Are games developers above that sort of thing?

    cf Rockstar/GTAV and discuss.


  2. Asmiroth

    Depends on who’s running the company. If they are after profits (ala Rockstar/Take2) then milk that sucker dry. Eventually that company loses quality talent as every “good developer” wants to make something new and fun. It’s an interesting balance of operations, development, and investment. IT companies need to diversify, or end up dead on the vine. Hello Verant/SOE/Daybreak?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Back in the day in Silicon Valley, a start up that had a hit would immediately move to a new, pretty office building and start hanging art on the wall. If the product could be sustained for a while, the VCs would bring the company public, collect their winnings by selling off their stock to suckers who would be left holding the bag when it was discovered that the company was a one-hit wonder. Somewhere along the way the C-level execs would get big bonuses and the employees would get a nice holiday party with a gift.

    @Sleepysam – So far as I can tell, the top three are China only, though there is talk of Tencent bringing Honor Kings to the US.


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