Abyssal Pocket Stats from EVE Down Under

The EVE Down Under event was going on this weekend, with several of the EVE Online team flying out from Iceland to join in and do presentations in Sydney.

Video from some of the presentations is available on Twitch and The Greybill has already done a nice post about the changes coming for Caldari industrial ships. (Which I hate, mostly because CCP seems to enjoy making radical changes to Caldari ships, as opposed to way they retain design continuity when they change up Gallente ships.)

Of interest to me was CCP Fozzie’s presentation, which started off with some stats about Abyssal Pockets.  I have been hoping for a dev blog about how the roll-out went.  Absent that, this set of slides will have to do.

In an orange Abyssal cloud

The CCP devs had a whiteboard with estimates/answers to a set of questions they had laid out in advance which formed the backbone of the data.  They were wondering how many filaments would be activated and how many players would run the new content.

Filaments and Characters

While watching the presentation my own mental guess was 10K to 12K on the first day, which was in the zone.  11,944 filaments were activated on the first day, with 274,665 in the first week after Into the Abyss went live, with 1,680 and 13,961 unique characters running the content respectively.

The, of course, the question as to how many ships died.

Ships destroyed and filament popularity

579 ships were destroyed on the first day, which only counts from downtime to the UTC day change, while 11,369 were destroyed in the first week.  And a capsule goes with each one of those ships.

The most popular weather type… or flavor as I put it in my brain… was Gamma while the least favorite was Dark Matter.

Then some more diverse guesses about the Abyssal pockets.

Ship type, tiers, and time to first

The Gila, the Guristas pirate faction cruiser, was the most popular ship.  The most popular tier on the first day and during the first week was tier one, which is probably no surprise.  And the first filament was activated only 22 minutes after the expansion went live.  Somebody had a plan.

First Into the Abyss

The first into an Abyssal pocket was Mike Severass who ran a calm firestorm in his Ishtar in nine minutes.

Among the loot items in Abyssal pockets are blueprint copies for the three Triglavian ships, all of which were built for the first time on day one.

Triglavian ship build times

As CCP Fozzie pointed out, the Triglavian cruiser, the Vedmak, was built first, before the Damavik frigate.  And the Leshak battleship was built just before the end of the first day.

The most popular cruisers being used in Abyssal pockets were the usual suspects.

Ship Choices for Abyssal Pockets

Gilas were far and away the most popular, followed by the Sacrilege in distant second, the Ishtar in third, and then fourth place a tie between the VNI, the Caracal, and the Cerberus.

CCP Fozzie said that the most unique ship was a Victorieux Luxury Yacht, which can carry no armament, filled with booze, drugs, and exotic dancers, which went into a pocket presumably in an attempt to win over the Triglavians by appealing to their party spirit.  They are not party animals it seems… or maybe they thought it was just a big pinata… but you can see the kill mail from the attempt.

Also, a Scimitar, the Minmatar tech II logi cruiser, died doing a tier 3 pocket.  Somebody trying for a very specialized fit.

The popularity of the various tiers is pretty much as expected, with higher tiers being less popular.

Popularity of tiers over time

The popularity of the various Abyssal pocket weathers is also not a hug mystery.

Favored Weather over Time

Dark matter seems to be the least favored, but the gap between weathers isn’t huge.  If they aren’t evenly split, they aren’t that drastically different either.

As of the time of the presentation CCP Fozzie said that over 96,000 modules had been mutated with Mutaplasmids.

Most popular mutated modules

People want longer range points and webs I guess.

In the short term there are some updates coming to Abyssal pockets.

July Update Plans

Beyond that there are bigger plans for Abyssal pockets, however CCP Fozzie’s slide on the topic simply said “REDACTED!”  So We will be hearing more about Abyssal pockets going forward I guess.