Battle for Azeroth Patch Day Blues

We are over the line and officially into the days of World of Warcraft 8.0.  The Legion expansion is done and we’re on our way to Battle For Azeroth.  The pre-patch patch notes are there to be studied.

It is on its way…

There are even some new items on the map.

Battle for Azeroth map

Meanwhile the Broken Isles are getting ready to be permanently in the off-season, the mage tower has shut down, your pet tokens are called something else, your artifact weapon isn’t nearly as special, and there is a new login screen.

Another alert as well…

And, of course, all my addons need to be updated and all my talents have been reset on every single character.

I’ll be seeing this one every day for a while

Oh, and all the servers are down again.

Yes, I scrolled through the list to be sure

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your expansion.

It is to be expected.  And at least the servers haven’t been down all evening, and when they’re up the login problems seem to have mostly gone away.

And, in something of a wise move, Blizzard didn’t have a bunch of stuff on tap for us to run off and start doing right away.  The biggest part of the “What’s New” pop up when you log in mentions that maybe you ought to spend some time figuring out your talents.

What’s new? You managed to log in!

So that is three places on the UI nagging me about my spec from the moment I log in, the third being down at the bottom of the screen.

Yes, okay, I get it…

That one is actually the most disturbing… but not for what it says but because of where it is located.  All of that is now all by itself over in the lower right of the screen now.

This is not how I left things…

Objectively, that seems like a reasonable adjustment of the UI, collecting a bunch of non-hot bar items and pulling them away from there into their own little zone.

But the muscle memory is already making this change painful because I keep going to the spots where those items were.  They just aren’t where I expect them.

The changes compared

My daughter seemed the most aggrieved at this change.  The position of those moved items had been pretty much constant for most of her lifetime.  She still clings to the youthful belief that the world around her should not change, even though she now has a job, a driver’s license, and a car.  This is probably her version of the first time a professional sports team moved cities when I was a kid.  I was stunned that it could even be a thing.

But she does have a point, that basic bar layout has been around for a while.

Paladin bar from 2007

Of course, where there is a complaint there is a solution.  I suspect that in the not too distant future that somebody will come up with an addon that will put everything back in the arrangement to which so many of us have grown accustomed.

Ah well.  Still not bad for a first night.  This is why they do it during the week, so they’ll have problems sorted out and stuff will be updated and ready to go come the weekend.

I was able to log in my tailor and craft yet another hexweave bag.  And of all of my dead addons Rematch, the pet battle addon, was update by the time I got home, so I was able to do a little pet battling.  And so far as I can tell, the real pre-expansion events don’t kick off until next Tuesday.  Plenty of time to get things ready.

3 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth Patch Day Blues

  1. zaphod6502

    @Wilhelm: I’ve been playing the beta for a couple of months and it is a very enjoyable expansion. I am definitely looking forward to the final release.


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