Honest Game Trailers – Fortnite Season 5

Honest Game Trailers already did a Fortnite video back at the start of the year, but that was before the game fully exploded across multiple platforms and put PUBG in the corner.  So now they are back to cover what has happened since.

I still haven’t given the game a try.

At one point my daughter tried to play Fortnite on her aging iMac and found it ran about as fast as a PowerPoint presentation.  I expect that she’ll be back to it with her new PC when school starts again and she wants to play what most of her friends are playing.

2 thoughts on “Honest Game Trailers – Fortnite Season 5

  1. Gevlon

    I tried it once and couldn’t help but vomiting at the visuals. I’m generally not about beauty, but this game is so hideously ugly that I just couldn’t make myself to continue.

    Combine this with a total lack of competitive statistics, rankings or anything that separates the best players from farmbots, I’m totally puzzled why does this game is so popular.


  2. Nogamara

    How is this Season 5 when it launched in July last year? I don’t understand the internet anymore. I thought Diablo 3 seasons were short already…


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