Trogdor Burninates Kickstarter

It is a victory for an internet sensation from 15 years ago.  Over on Kickstarter there is a campaign for a Trogdor board game.

I don’t need to ask you to go support it because it has already exceeded its goal.

When I look at Kickstarter campaigns I have my eye on a few things.  One of them is name recognition.  How well the person or potential product focus is known often dictates how much a campaign can expect to collect.  One of the rookie mistakes is asking for much more money than your popularity or publicity can possibly bring in.

My latest example on that front is the Codename Reality Kickstarter campaign where a group of unknowns with no listed game dev experience asked for half a million Euros to develop a medieval perma-death sandbox MMO.  They are in the midst of a 46 day campaign… hint, if you can’t make your total in 30 days, 16 additional days won’t get you there… and are closing in on seven thousand Euros.  I don’t know what level of optimism keeps a campaign like that going.

A fifteen year old Strongbad email gag from Homestar Runner though?  They asked for $75,000 and are currently past $1.2 million.  They may have the problem of being too popular.

There is still a day left on the campaign if you want the Trogdor board game.  Are you overcome by nostalgia yet?

2 thoughts on “Trogdor Burninates Kickstarter

  1. SDWeasel

    If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that nostalgia sells pretty well. That and the best funded kickstarters seem to ask for a lot less than they would need. I figured it was as much gauging public interest as it is an initial lump sum to secure financing or critical resources.


  2. .xyd

    Like Romper Stompers, Captain Kangaroo and Sojourn, Strongbad will always have a place in the hearts of Millions. Or Thousands. Or some number.


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