Two Hundred Million Skill Points

I think it is somewhat fitting that this post lands on my character’s twelfth birthday.

Just past the milestone

Technically I crossed the line earlier than the screen shot above as I still have the 250,000 SP that CCP gave us a while back.  But I haven’t spent that yet, so made it past the mark without it.

The story so far:

So here we are at the 20th milestone and 18th post for this particular run.

Looking at that list of posts above gives a bit of insight as to when I was playing EVE Online and when I was taking a break.

Things started slow at first.  I played for a bit, then stopped, then came back, so it took over a year to get those first ten million done.  And that was back in the per-queue era where you could easily lose training time when training short skills as they would finish up in the middle of the night and you might not get back to put in a new skill before the next evening.

And then there were those skills that sped up skill training.  Those were Satan’s own idea.  I am sure somebody missed them when they were gone… every feature, no matter how bad, has its fans…

Eventually though that 24 hour skill queue showed up and had all the learning skills set and had some implants and started hitting 10 million skill point increments every seven to eight months when I was playing.

There was a slow down when I stopped playing in late 2010 and came back for just a bit in 2011 for the Incarna disaster, which sent me away again until late in the year.  Then I came back and Gaff coaxed me out into null sec just as a war was starting and I have stayed there ever since.  The story of null sec remains interesting enough to keep me playing, though even with that I have had my moments where I have nearly quit.  But something always comes up just as I get there and off I go on another adventure.

The stories of the game are one thing though, skill points another.  Sort of.  Every skill queue tells a story of its own I suppose, even if that story sometimes is, “I have no idea what I am doing.”

Anyway, here is where I stand on skills.

Spaceship Cmd        63,043,028 (63 of 79)*
Gunnery              18,546,396 (36 of 52)*
Drones               17,036,708 (22 of 26)*
Fleet Support        13,343,059 (14 of 15)*
Missiles             11,111,853 (22 of 26)
Navigation            9,660,314 (13 of 13)
Engineering           8,788,752 (15 of 15)*
Electronic Sys        8,119,689 (14 of 15)*
Armor                 6,131,137 (13 of 13)
Shields               6,074,039 (12 of 13)
Scanning              6,011,792(7 of 7)*
Science               5,714,282 (21 of 39)
Resc Processing       4,756,183 (22 of 37)
Subsystems            4,096,000 (16 of 16)
Trade                 3,821,020 (10 of 14)*
Neural Enhance.       3,801,275 (7 of 8)*
Targeting             3,207,765 (8 of 8)
Planet Mgmt           1,612,315 (5 of 5)
Structure Mgmt        1,446,824 (6 of 6)
Rigging               1,312,395 (10 of 10)
Production            1,157,986 (5 of 12)
Social                1,130,040 (5 of 9)
Corp Mgmt                24,000 (2 of 5)

Total              ~200,000,000 (355 of 444)

Skills categories with an asterisk are the ones that have changed since last check in.

Of course Spaceship Command remains at the top.  I don’t think I have ever had an update where some points didn’t go into that category, and nearly one skill point in every three ends up there.  This time around it was for the new Trigalvian ships.  With new ships around there is always a chance that Asher will come up with a doctrine around them and I like to be prepared.

Likewise, Gunnery saw a boost as I trained up the accompanying Triglavian weapon systems.

Drones saw me training up to be able to use tech II fighters.  That would require me to actually use my carrier, but I might do that some day.

Also on the list were some boosting skills under Fleet Support, getting all my Scanning skills up to V, Electronic Systems was likewise honing my ewar skills, Trade saw me training the customs office skill that reduces the taxes on Planetary Management, while Neural Enhancement was all about the neurotoxin skills to help me take drugs more better.

The skill by level work out as:

 Level 1 - 1
 Level 2 - 3
 Level 3 - 38
 Level 4 - 96
 Level 5 - 213

All that and I still cannot fly a titan.

I can, however, fly every subcap aside from the Monitor FC ship, and probably with whatever fit you can come up with.

It is an incredible luxury to be able to face doctrines change or Asher’s latest new fit and not have to worry about whether or not I can fly it.  The odds are very, very good that I can.  I still end up with too many ships sitting in my hangar gathering dust, but at least I can fly them.

My primary alt sits at about 140 million skill points, which seems like a lot, but I have been blindsided trying to stuff him into a ship only to find he doesn’t have something up to level V that Wilhelm trained ages ago.  Even now he is training up a missed skill.  That dreadnought I won has a tech II siege module on it, something I only found out the hard way and had to quickly swap Wilhelm back into the pilot’s seat before we got the orders to drop on that Nyx back at X47.

My next most well trained alt is less than 40 million skill points and using her is like trying to take apart a watch wearing oven mitts some days.  How did I cope when I went to null sec with just past 70 million skill points?

The same way everybody else does I suppose.  I flew the fits in the doctrine I could until I caught up.  There having been many doctrine changes over the years drove me to fill out my subcap dance card.

In the end though I still end up flying logi most of the time.  It is always needed and, unless things go to shit, generally allows me some time to gawk out the window as to what is going on.  Every once in a while I will fly something else, a doctrine ship of the line if I can get away with it, a booster if I can’t help it, or a tackler if we’re short.

This will be the last post in this series.  I think 200 million skill points is a good end point on a nice round number.  Even with a version of EVEMon working again it is is a bit of a pain to piece together all the numbers.  Plus, despite there always being more skills to train I think I am going to actually turn off the queue for Wilhelm at some point and let one of the alts on that account gain some skills.

Addendum: In case it was not obvious, no skill injectors were used in creating this character or post.

4 thoughts on “Two Hundred Million Skill Points

  1. SynCaine

    Congrats man, both on the 200m and on this long series of posts.

    You mentioned every subcap, but can you now also fly a Super Carrier ‘correctly’? That would seem like a decent option to go for, especially now that Super use it up for PvP.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – I can fly an Aeon and a Hel as it turns out. But I cannot use fighter bombers, so “correctly” isn’t there yet. And that is something I’d probably end up training up on an alt if I wanted to do super ratting or even combat. Wil flies too many subcap ops and is always out at staging.


  3. the duke

    This has always been an excellent series, I love watching eve from a distance, and this gives me a glimpse into how it all works. Salute


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