A Five Keepstar Day

While I was at work the Keepstars I highlighted earlier in the week were destroyed.  The EU time zone team got some shiny kills.

The Keepstar lineup on zKillboard

While I only mentioned four in my post it turns out that there was a fifth ready to be knocked off down in Tenerifis which TEST took care of.  The five kill mails:

All told that is at least a trillion ISK in losses inflicted in a single day without much in the way of resistance.

The question is now what happens next in the war?


3 thoughts on “A Five Keepstar Day

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Asmiroth – To defend they would have had to put a lot more ISK at risk in the form of a their supers and titans. The last time they defended they lost the Keepstar and a pile of titans on top of that. They conceded the field to conserve strength for the future.


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