WoW Classic Coming to Your Home for BlizzCon

I had just started thinking about my wish list for this year’s BlizzCon.  With the event coming November 2-3 this year, we’re still more than a month away, but it is never too early to start speculating as to what might find its way to the main stage.  Diablo IV maybe?

And then earlier today Blizzard announced that you would be able to try out a demo of WoW Classic at BlizzCon… even at home, if you bought the Virtual Ticket.

Classic is as classic does

The details, such that there are:

Every BlizzCon, we look for opportunities to bring new aspects of the experience to our community around the world. This year, we’re excited to announce that for the first time ever, BlizzCon Virtual Ticket holders will join BlizzCon attendees as the first people to play the World of Warcraft Classicdemo we’re creating for BlizzCon at home.

Shortly after the BlizzCon opening ceremony on November 2 (on or around 1pm PDT), players will be able to download the same in-development BlizzCon WoW Classic Demo that will be playable on the show floor. Players will have a chance to explore and enjoy a limited questing experience through a pair of classic early-level zones—one Horde and one Alliance—and experience firsthand our recreation of the original Azeroth.

Once the demo is live, you’ll be able to play until 10am PST on November 8, giving BlizzCon attendees a chance to check it out again once they get back home.

While I was very likely to have gone with the Virtual Ticket again, this pretty much seals the deal.  I expected that WoW Classic would be center stage this year, but this goes way beyond what I thought might come to pass.  I expect that this will make the Virtual Ticket a big deal for a lot of people.  Having a week over which to explore what they have done so far will be a big temptation.

And then we can spend the next few months debating and complaining about the things Blizzard decided to include and decided to omit from the Vanilla WoW experience.

Anyway, you can count on me giving it a try.  The question is, will I need to buy a Virtual Ticket for my daughter as well now?


Also, a shout-out to Polygon who put Arthas in their tweet about this.  Arthas, while classic in his own right, is in Wrath of the Lich King and not WoW Classic.

That’s some tip-top research there


4 thoughts on “WoW Classic Coming to Your Home for BlizzCon

  1. Alunaria

    Ì am so curious what we will get to see. I am not sure, of course, but no matter what, I almost predict an uproar (right word?) in the community. The times I have visitted the Classic Forum, there are so many different oppinions. It must be difficult.

    But having a playable Classic experience at BlizzCon is great, I think. It’ll give people a chance to offer feedback based on that, which is far better, than the “I remember 13 years ago when…” Exciting times. I can’t wait for Classic. I’m still not sure if I will retire my Current Character all together, or not.

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  2. SynCaine

    Nax40 was such an insane jump in difficulty from AQ40. So, so many guilds got ground into the dirt because of it. I’m not sure any piece of content in an MMO prior or after has really done that; where the difficult was so high, yet not ‘cheap’, that it truly was a feat to make progress, let alone beat the whole thing.

    As for vanilla, this will be interesting. If they do it ‘right’, I still predict WoW classic will have more active players than current WoW. And if they do it ‘wrong’, it will be the wildest firestorm in a long, long time in the genre. Good times either way.


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