The Burning Lands set to be the 25th EverQuest Expansion this December

The expected second shoe dropped as Daybreak announced late on Friday the next EverQuest expansion, The Burning Lands.

Beware: Hot Snail

I am not sure why a snail was the monster they chose tease the expansion with, but maybe they are fans of the Pokemon Magcargo.

And what is it with Daybreak and Friday afternoon announcements?  That is when you put out press releases you want people to miss.  I know I did.

The short producer’s letter mentioned the expansion and some general details about the setting.  As I predicted back in January, EverQuest will be following its younger sibling back into the elemental planes.  A lucky guess if ever there was one.

As with EverQuest II, the older game will see gear up and catch up events before the expansion arrives.  In addition the previous expansion, Ring of Scale, will be half price until pre-orders for the new expansion goes live.  After pre-orders for The Burning Lands are available you will no longer be able to get the collector’s or premium editions of the older expansion, so if you want all the bennies that come with either of those now is the time to act.

And so it goes, with the turning of the leaves and a new autumn we get another new EverQuest expansion.

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