The Rules for Rulers

In roaming YouTube the other day I came across this wonderfully simple and cynical look at political power and how to hold it.  A fine topic for a Sunday.

I initially clicked on it because I thought the author was “CCP Grey” and it had something to do with EVE Online.  While it may actually not relate directly to New Eden, it is still worth a watch. (I’d like to see somebody examine the keys to power in null sec empires though.)

The author has a number of other interesting videos also delivered in a soothing, well modulated tone.

4 thoughts on “The Rules for Rulers

  1. pkudude99

    Yeah, I like CGP Grey. I wish he’d not slowed down so much on his video releases. I really like his bizarre borders and his “The Star Trek Transporter is a Murder Box!” ones as well.


  2. Solf

    Ooh, I’m surprised you weren’t aware of CGP Grey…

    So, completely unasked for, but here are the links to some other YouTube channels that I feel are ‘like’ CGP Grey and in general I feel they are pretty great :) Maybe it’ll be helpful — although you probably know about at least some of them already. (Veritasium) (Kurzgesagt) (Wendover Productions) (Half as Interesting — same guy as Wendover Productions)–mrJ2A (Tom Scott — probably least like CGP Grey)


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