Home From EVE Vegas 2018

This post won’t be going into the things that CCP announced at EVE Vegas.  Not in any depth anyway.  Some of those items will get posts of their own, though some I will likely wait for the appropriate dev blog to show up before I cheer/jeer/panic.

EVE Vegas 2018

Instead, being true to my presentation, this is more my story of EVE Vegas than anything else.

My wife and I probably made about the minimal duration visit to the event, flying in Friday in time for registration and having to catch a cab during the closing ceremonies to get out flight home.  Silicon Valley is just an hour away from Vegas by air, which makes that seem reasonable.

The Linq

This isn’t the worst venue on the strip but, as I noted last year, it does leave something to be desired.  It used to be the old Imperial Palace hotel, easily the cheapest place on the strip in its day, and Caesar’s Resorts takeover and refurbishment of it was only a semi-successful attempt to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

It isn’t a bad place to stay, and it is still reasonably price, but it ain’t the Bellagio or Madalay Bay or even the Cosmopolitan.

Our room was nice enough.  We arrived before check-in, but if you upgrade your room they’ll get it for you straight away.  After some discussion as to what constituted a “strip view” (the Linq is set back from the strip, so you most see the backs of other buildings) we ended up with a room in District 3 looking out over the High Roller Ferris wheel.  It was very pretty at night.

The High Roller from our room

During the day it was less impressive.  That patch behind it is a construction site where Caesar’s Resorts are building even more stuff.  Maybe that will be District 9.

Fortunately our room was pretty much directly across from my room last year, so I knew the paths through the hotel and the secret of the “No Casino Access” elevator that pretty much goes directly to the casino level.

The real problem for the Linq is that its convention/event space is really sub-par.  Planet Hollywood had the sort of huge event areas that I am used to from professional events, with a lot of hallway space in between and some big open areas for people to congregate.  The Linq’s space is relatively small and EVE Vegas used it all.  That was good in a way, being the only event there.

EVE Vegas Floor Plan

The problem is that this was the biggest EVE Vegas so far, which meant something over 1,200 people from around the world showed up.  However, the Showroom, where the keynotes were given on Friday can seat maybe 500 people tops, and probably not even that.  So they had to put most of us in Social A to watch a live stream of the keynotes, which meant most of us in attendance ended up watching a big screen showing the same thing everybody at home was seeing.  That is not optimal.  And while there was free beer for the room, the supply was limited and ran out quickly.

There was a gap between the opening ceremony and the EVE Online keynote, during which I found Nosy Gamer and joined him at his perch near the back of the main hall, so I saw that live.  It honestly makes a difference.

Anyway, the word is that next year EVE Vegas will be at a different venue.

The CCP Presentations

  • Opening Ceremony

Mostly about the other projects CCP is working on.  Posted to YouTube.

  • EVE Online Keynote

Preview of things to come in-game and to be talked about in presentations.  Also on YouTube.

The bit about War Decs was interesting.

War Dec Stats

Half of war decs come from five corps.  Those corpse make about 105 kills for every loss they sustain.  Only 4% of wars have a defender making a kill.  But the kills per war go up significantly if the defenders have a structure.  So the coming in December temporary solution is going to be to restrict war decs to corps that have structures, with a full re-work of war dec mechanics underway for 2019.

It was clear from the presentation and from talking to CCP Burger later that this was in the minutes because CCP had, at last, spent time looking into data around it and found it was worse than they expected, so CCP wanted to get it out there that it needed to be changed.  PC Gamer already has an article up about it.

  • Upwell Structures – The Future

Interesting and controversial as CCP maps out moving the last few POS restricted features to the Upwell format.  Jump bridges without jump fatigue that can move titans.  Waiting for the dev blog on that!  But the new visuals for that, and for upgraded art for jump gates, are awesome.

  • Project Nova

Interesting look at Project Nova.  It is in pre-alpha but looks really good.  They are clearly trying to find some positioning for it that doesn’t make it a space version of Call of Duty.  You can sign up to be in the alpha.

  • Ships & Balance

New triglavian ships.  I missed some of this getting ready for my presentation.

  • Introducing The Activity Tracker

I missed all of this because I was talking to Matterall, but they spoke about some of this at Fanfest earlier this year.

  • Events & The Agency

This was good.  Guess what, the Federation Grand Prix event was not popular.  Who knew?  I mean, besides anybody who actually tried it.  Also, a big revamp for The Agency interface is under way as well as more events.

  • Closing Ceremony

Was catching a cab to the airport, but it is also on YouTube already.  It was announced that in 2019 one of the “away fanfest” locations will be Toronto.  Good for Canadians and those in the northeast US.

Player Presentations

They were all excellent.  I showed solidarity with my fellow speaks and attended them all, and I was clearly in among some very talented people.

My own presentation wasn’t streamed and was at 4pm, which put it at the end of day two and just three hours before the party, so let’s just say that it was an intimate event.  My wife counted just over 30 people present, and I only knew about ten of them already.

Me looking serious at the podium, my winter beard already started

Still, it went well, people there were engaged and asked questions, and the wormholers at the back responded when I said they need to get somebody writing about what goes on there because I want to hear about it, but I’m not going to go live there to find out.

Probably the biggest loss due to presenting in that time slot was the person who went after me, Ahlea Corinth.  His presentation,  “Multiple Accounts = EVE On Steroids” was great.  Fortunately, CCP cut back from Stream Fleet and streamed his presentation, so you can find it at the end of the day two stream at CCP’s Twitch site at about the 4 hour 43 minute mark.

My presentation was the only one not streamed and is lost to history.  My moment of streaming fame came at the end of Talking in Stations on day three.  I have a two minute summary there.

Or there is this image that I made as a summary.

Highlight of my Presentation

Addendum: The Greyill put together links to all of the presentations in the recorded streams if you want to go directly to any specific one.

The Party

Drai’s is awesome.  This is a high roller location.  I can see coming to EVE Vegas and not getting a badge for the presentation if you want to hang out with friends, but the party… you have to get a ticket to the party.

Looking at the stage from the back

More up the center line

The drinks were free (and not the cheap stuff either) the crowd was happy and having fun (though Rixx was scowling some in the ABA pit when I passed by and shook hands) things were loud, and Permabanned played, as they always do.

CCP Guard on stage

That brings the house together as well all know some of the words.  HTFU remains the fan favorite I think, though Warp to the Dance Floor isn’t far behind.


This is why you go to EVE Vegas.  I am glad my wife went with me, as I tend to be quiet in person (though often tagged as a “good listener”) but my wife, the sales rep, she will get into any conversation and has no problem talking to strangers.  So we went around the event, and especially around the party, talking to people.

Of course, I talked to old friends from past events, like Matterall, Johnny Splunk, Nosy Gamer, and of course, the larger than life Dirk McGirk, who ran the Open Comms Show operations from a pool-side cabana at the Linq, where he was looking much worse for the wear after the Friday night Fremont Street roam.  The cabana reminded me a bit of a civil war aid station, with worn bodies strewn about the loungers.  But Dirk was looking out for me again and had an EVE Vegas Open Comms shirt for me.

Wormholers survived all the same

Anyway, I will wrap this up with pictures of some of the people who I talked to at EVE Vegas, though I have a special one I want to call out.

CCP Falcon and I at Drai’s

I’m sure that will send Gevlon’s tinfoil hat spinning.

Anyway, this isn’t everybody I spoke to, just those that I somehow ended up with in a picture, along with some other shots.

20 thoughts on “Home From EVE Vegas 2018

  1. SynCaine

    Did you lose weight and get younger? Swear from some older pictures you looked.. more ancient (rimshot).

    Also I’m sure I’m not the only one, but glad CCP went the route I wrote about with the war deck thing. Would love to see metrics around retention/engagement after it goes live for non-structure owning corps in highsec.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – Yeah, the structure thing seemed like the best band-aid. There are still some things to figure out, like do you require both sides in the war to have a structure. Also, they have to fix structure transfers, because right now you can just give a corp a structure and there is no confirm, so you could drop a Raitaru, transfer it, and declare war. And then there is figuring out if alliance structures count. If your corp doesn’t have a structure, but you’re in an alliance and another corp does, how does that work. But those ought to be easy enough to sort by December.


  3. rixxjavix

    Apologies if I seemed to scowl. Drais was fun but it is also a horrible place to meet people, or have a conversation. Plus I was in pain most of the weekend from my knee, it wasn’t happy with me and enjoyed letting me know about it a few times. I was seriously looking forward to having a chance to talk with you and with Noisy at some point and bummed we never got the chance.


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  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    The above link shows that I did indeed send Gevlon into a tinfoil hat state as predicted.

    Just as a reminder, CCP Falcon once said on Reddit that he enjoyed reading Gevlon’s crazy conspiracy theories and Gevlon spun that into a conspiracy against him.

    Thanks for your continued readership and the link Gevlon.


  6. nightgerbil

    Well his (gevlons) link brought me here. Glad you had a great time at vegas. I always love fan fests, but never did any eve. Pretty much cos the games dull, boring and CCP kept moving the goal posts around eg. removal of npc corp standings having meaning. skill injectors. citadels in highsec giving null sec guys monoplies on trade that high seccers (ie me) couldnt compete with given I was already a bottom feeder. That for me is just shades of blizzard and why I quit wow. If the devs dont respect my time (defined in this case by the amount of effort I put in to unlock content/get good at content wether that be with gear, in game char skill or my actual irl skill at the game), then I’m ultimately gonna have a bad time when they trash my hard work cos reasons. Ergo I dont waste my money with those companies any more.

    Rant over, back to gevlon you used to make some insightful comments on his blog. You really can’t see his point about falcon? I have read and reread those comments a fair few times over the years and I gotta say I would a) be upset if someone had dismissed me like when they are an “impartial” employee whose supposed to be neutral in player V player interactions. It had the same demoralising effect on team gevlon and innervating effect on team goon as if falcon had suddenly in game removed a titan kill from gevlon and restored it to its in game owner. b) if I talked this way about my customers and they complained to my boss, I would have been disciplined. I work in retail, with a strong customer core component so perhaps my circumstances are a tad different to Falcon: EXCEPT he a community manager! the customers ARE his job! so what the hell was he doing picking sides or rubbishing one in a public forum?The comments themselves posted from a private account are a tad trolly insulting, but no worse then what syncaine reguarly and hilariously posted (Captain Gevlon and the Tortanic for ex. Roflmao still got that one bookmarked). Only he didnt post them from a private account or a personal account. He published them from his official CCP flaired “I am ccp falcon the public face of CCP” account.

    Seriously my good sir? you really don’t have a problem with this? you genuinely feel its all just hot air? gevlon getting his knickers in a hilarious twist? You entertain no doubts AT ALL about falcons impartiality or professionalism? Cos I Do.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @nightgerbil – I have been critical of CCP Falcon’s style at times. But I also have eyes and ears and a brain. Gevlon has built a huge conspiracy on pretty much zero reality claiming CCP picks winners. I have a whole post about what nonsense that was which led him to refuse ever to mention me again. By his own admission, he does not want to discuss his views, he wants to issue them and have them accepted as fact.

    His leaving EVE Online was because he managed to piss everybody off in game and, in a social game like EVE Online, you lose without allies.

    You’ve seen this from him before, right? Any game he can’t win is rigged or run by corrupt developers. It is a regular rant of his.

    You can believe Gevlon’s rantings if you want. I see you even take to blowing them out or proportion, so you haven’t really seen anything except that which he wants you to see. I was there and saw what happened in the context of the events he goes on about and I have declared it all bull shit.

    I know you’re trolling because you claim I used to leave insightful comments on his blog when we both know he deletes anything that might enter into the bounds of insightful. You agree with him fully or you are deleted.

    Gevlon only linked here to drive this sort of comment, so congrats on being his only stooge.


  8. nightgerbil

    Wow I didnt expect that response around the ending. I’m not here to troll you and I also find its the comment section of gevlons blog where you find some of the more insightful comments including gevlons responses. I’ve also seen gevlon change his mind; recently memorably https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/2018/08/31/stawek-im-sorry-come-back/, but look Im not here to defend him or upset you. I get it, we disagree about the falcon issue and agree with why he (gevlon) was ineffective in eve. I also was greatly entertained by syncaines sports commentary to his league career so, its not like I’m totally blinded :P So if you dont mind Im just gonna continue to keep lurking (as I have for a while) and I won’t bring up the falcon issue again.


  9. LazyE

    Eh, I disagree with Gevlon when I rarely choose to post there. He publishes and replies.

    CCP did not handle that situation well. Falcon in particular is bad at his job. It is a miracle that they have not had something on the scale of “don’t you guys have phones” with him in charge of Community Management. It’s one thing to be pleasantly cozy with everyone in a community, but openly taking a side like he did was a really crappy thing to do.


  10. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @nightgerbil – You wrote what you wrote. You set the tone and then you’re surprised at the response. First a long and unnecessary screed about hating EVE Online, then a long and labored paragraph about Falcon, followed by another trying to goad an answer. Seriously, go re-read what you wrote and tell me that is reasonable discourse that one uses in expectation of a polite response. And you came here because Gevlon wrote that my picture with Falcon was a threat to him. Are you buying that as well? Put yourself in my shoes, random stranger, with that context, and tell me what you see.

    But I guess you aren’t the only stooge, so you have me there.

    Like I said, I have been critical of Falcon as well, but Gevlon crying because he feels he has been singled out is just nonsense. Falcon has been a jerk repeatedly. Gevlon claiming he’s corrupt and tilting the game against him is just his usual complaint about how any game where he doesn’t win must be rigged, run by corrupt developers, or populated by morons and slackers. It is somehow never his fault.

    And a comment like yours on his site would have simply been deleted rather than replied to.

    @LazyE – See above. Gevlon is making bricks without straw here. His edifice of complaining falls over if you blow on it. It depends on a vast conspiracy of developers working against him.


  11. Gevlon

    Goons committed a real world crime and attempted to frame me with it. Falcon saved them from the police and unbanned them from the game. Not me saying it, Sion does, in writing.

    Please tell me how Falcon is not conspiring with Goons to destroy me.

    Also please tell how your photo, explicitly tagging me is not an open threat “stay away from EVE or else”


  12. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – Because no such thing ever happened? Because you’ve strung together a couple of unrelated items, inflated their importance, then created your own narrative? Seriously, I can’t even keep up with your tales now. Which real world “crime” did Goons try to blame on you?

    And how is that photo anything like a threat? I literally wrote that I called it out to send your tinfoil hat spinning, meaning I figured you would turn it into a conspiracy… and you did! I was right. Again. Get used to it.


  13. Gevlon

    They vandalized the monument, then created the twitter account @therealgevlon and claimed responsibility. Then Falcon decided that CCP won’t call the police and while they got banned, he unbanned them, lied to the media and the players that they weren’t goons.

    The photo shows that you are on friendly terms with Falcon, which means you can expect favors from him. It’s like me making a photo with Kim Jong Un and then casually joking that your city will be nuked.


  14. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – Except, of course, you are mixing up the Fat Bee sticker being put on the monument and the vandalism. Also, since you were not actually in Iceland, that doesn’t seem like a very credible attempt to blame you for anything.

    Basically, the only connection between you and Falcon is him saying he enjoyed reading your crazy conspiracy theories. Such a horrible threat!

    There is also a photo of me on friendly terms with Matterall, and The Mittani isn’t freaking out and spinning up a conspiracy about a threat. Basically, I trolled you by saying I was trolling you and you still took the bait.


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  16. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    You can tell when Gevlon is shaken, he starts calling people names to distract from his story not making any sense. And his story has all the hallmarks of a crazy conspiracy theory. There are some legitimate facts mixed in with a lot of shading of the truth and a huge pile of what I will politely call “making up a story.” The main thing you should take away from this is that nobody in EVE Online, not one of the Imperium’s foes, not NCDot or PL or TEST or GoTG or CO2, thinks Gevlon’s story is anything but crazy. A reasonable person might find that suspicious.

    Remember, these two posts of his are all because I posted a picture of myself and CCP Falcon and said it would make his tinfoil hat spin. And, sure enough, it did.

    And, as a final statement, you can find in my writing here joy when Gevlon first came to play EVE. I thought it was the perfect game for him. I was sad when he left. And I would welcome him back at any time. However, he’s built himself a excuse not to play. That is all on him and nobody else.


  17. Gevlon

    @Wilhelm: my story is nothing but copy-paste from Sion. It’s a strange way to create a conspiracy theory.

    About “not one of the Imperium’s foes, not NCDot or PL or TEST or GoTG or CO2, thinks Gevlon’s story is anything but crazy.” look at the reddit thread. I don’t think you will be rewarded by the Mittani for your propaganda work

    The post is because you lied one comment before, claiming that it’s about the fat bee sticker and claiming that Falcon did nothing to me but some friendly banter. (instead of rescuing a criminal gang who tried to get me into jail).


  18. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – That is actually exactly how you make a conspiracy theory. You take some select facts, create a story, and ignore any evidence to the contrary. It is the same thing you do all the time. Corrupt developers, rigged games, whatever, this is your standard methodology, you do it over and over. You force data to fit the theory you already have.

    And it doesn’t matter. Even if your selected facts are true, they don’t add up to the bigger story you’re trying to peddle here. Nobody with first hand knowledge agrees with you. Your only supporters are people like Dinsdale, who simply hate Goons and want to make up the worst stories possible and don’t care whether the facts fit or not, or your readers who only know about EVE Online through your writing.

    Basically, you are using a few discreet facts in order to fabricate a big lie.

    And yes, both of your posts about me are directly due to my posting a picture of Falcon and I. You had to mention that both times, didn’t you? You even had to make up a story about that, how the picture is somehow a threat. It isn’t. Falcon doesn’t care about you. Again, the only thing he EVER did to you was say he found your crazy conspiracies fun to read. And who am I in EVE Online? It isn’t like I am in a leadership role of any sort. How can I possibly threaten you?

    Just another lie. They come to you so easily, though I have to wonder why you would bother. Your statement is so unsupported by any facts that it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

    So I have to ask, why are you still going on about this? I am pretty sure a couple of years back you said you were not going to mention EVE Online any more. Instead, here you are, acting like a crazy obsessive who cannot let go. Maybe you should take your own advice.


  19. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – I have a reason to do so because it is my blog. You’re the one who keeps showing up in my comments with your paranoid fantasies, trying to fold a few disparate facts into a conspiracy against you.

    And now you’re telling me you’re going to keep doing it until I stop. That is quite clear from your statement.

    So let me tell you how the last two people who told me that fared. They were banned from ever commenting here again. Telling me what to do on my own blog crosses a line. I’ve been pretty patient allowing your nonsense, answering you each time, but now you are no longer welcome to comment here.

    You can go back to your blog and complain about how I have suppressed your free speech or whatever hypocrisy you choose, but you won’t be commenting here any further. This is not your private forum.

    Oh, and one last tidbit to annoy you. I was waiting for you to bring up the CSM thing again. One of the rules of running for the CSM is participating. Multiple people have been removed from the CSM for not participating. Your campaign promise was to not participate. CCP Falcon quite rightly removed you from running because of that. I do not understand how you cannot grasp that simple concept, unless you believe you should just be able to behave however you wish, that rules simply do not apply to you. It is just another example of how your array of facts do not add up to what you say they do.

    Anyway, you have your own blog. You can expound on that or any other topic you wish. You just won’t be inflicting yourself on my comment section any further.

    PS – If you sock puppet or send over your stooges, they’ll just get deleted as well.


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