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Mining My Way Through the Crimson Harvest

Basically, I wanted the Gila SKIN.

Actually, I didn’t even want that to start with.  What I started out wanting to is just to see the sky boxes.  At EVE Vegas, at the presentation about The Agency & Events, one of the bits of info was that Crimson Harvest would be using the new graphics tech that had previously been introduced in Abyssal deadspace.

I had to go see that, so I grabbed a high sec alt and put her in a Venture and headed off to see what was what.

I chose a venture because the presentation also said that the event had mining as well as combat and it was just easier to grab the mining ship, which I had to hand.

A Venture in the Crimson Harvest event

The Venture, however, was a little light for the task.  It could mine away, but the rats that spawned in the harvest sites were a little too tough for it, so I upgraded to a Procurer.  I used the hardened null sect semi-bait fit that the coalition was pushing back when we moved into Delve.  It was already proof against Blood Raiders.  I brought that out to mine and shoot the rats.

Procuerer out in the Crimson Harvest

This worked out pretty well, and I mined and shot my way along for a while.  I got the cerebral accelerator at 50 points pretty quickly, and then started in towards the Astero SKIN, since that was only 150 points.

The points roll in pretty fast.  Or fast enough, anyway.  You get 10 points for every 500 units you mine, and another 10 points for every Blood Raider event ship you blow up, and 10 more points if you blow up a boss Blood Raider.  The Procurer could hold three and half loads of ore before having to unload and could handle most of what the Blood Raiders could throw at it.  I did learn to be careful flying too close the banana of doom.

The Banana of Doom in the background

Straying too close to the banana spawns a double helping of Blood Raiders, more than my little Procurer could handle right off.

This got a little hairy by the banana

Fortunately there was a citadel in most systems where I ran the event, so I would just warp off, tether up, and repair.  And, on warping back, I was generally far enough away from the remaining crowd of Blood Raiders that I was able to pick them off as they hove into range.

The Gila SKIN became my goal, though it required 350 points, which seemed a long way off from the 150 mark.  But I kept going.  I wanted the SKIN primarily because I have this idea that I am going to skill up this alt to run higher level Abyssal deadspace sites.  Right now she runs level one sites in a Caracal, but I would like to be able to run at least level three sites and the Gila is favored for that and high.  And I can’t fly a ship without a SKIN.  Well, except for the Procurer I guess, but SKINs don’t apply very well to ORE ships.

So I plodded along, mining, shooting up Blood Raiders, and looting their wrecks.  They drop a lot of Agency drugs, which should serve me well later.  Some of them are on the list for Reavers.

Soon than I would have thought I ended up with the Gila SKIN.  I didn’t do it all in one go, but over a couple of sessions it went by fast.  Then there was the Machaeriel SKIN at 650 points, but that seemed so far away.  But I was getting lots of nice loot from the wrecks, so I kept going.

650 didn’t take that long at all.  I had a nice run where somebody dropped in with an Orca and invited me to a fleet and boosted for me.  That sped up mining and extended my the range of my strip miners.

I hit 650 points and it didn’t feel like it took all that long.  After that there was only the Avatar SKIN at 1,000 points, which seemed a long way away.  But I wasn’t doing much else… actually I was only half paying attention to the mining and able to do other things on the computer… so I carried on, eventually capping out and earning the final SKIN.

A thousand points wasn’t all that hard

I don’t have an Avatar, and I doubt I ever will, but I can give that SKIN to somebody or hold onto it until it goes up in value.

Overall I found the event pretty mellow.  I did like how they setup the sites for this event.  Rather than the random sites in this system and that there were just two sites in every system.  One was Crimson Harvest Fields, which was where you went to mine but could also shoot up some structures to trigger a Blood Raider spawn.  And then there was the proximity spawn from the banana.

The other site in each system was the Crimson Gauntlet, which was a combat oriented site.  I got out another character and ran through those for a bit just to try them.  I used my heavy missile event Drake.

Ghostbird SKIN Drake in a Crimson Gauntlet site

The first time I went out I realized I was hardened against totally the wrong damage types, which led to a moment of drama and a heavily scarred Drake.  But once I went back and fixed my resists the Drake was pretty solid with the usual tactic of putting drones on the frigates and missiles on cruisers and up.

The fact that there was one of each site in every system meant that if one site got crowded or was worn out, I could just move over a system or two and find a fresh site.  There also seemed to be multiple instances of the Crimson Harvest Fields sites running in the same system at times.  Access was via an acceleration gate, so that was completely possible.  I would leave to unload then come back and find the situation different.  Then go for an unload run again and find wrecks or people who were there the first time but missing the second.

And the art of the event was very nice.  I took a lot of screen shots, some of which I have piled on to the end of this post.  Click on some them to see them full size.  They are intense.

Overall, a decent event.  I actually got a second Gila SKIN with the second character, it being easy enough to just get that done.

Anyway, while the event doesn’t have much time left to run, you could easily pick up the Avatar SKIN over the weekend without feeling like the event burned you out.