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EVE Vegas 2018 Swag

I finally went through and collected up all of the stuff that I got at EVE Vegas for the standard tableau shot I do every year.  I am just two weeks late this time around.

The swag laid out

The T-shirt on the left was the gift bag item from CCP.  I am always a bit underwhelmed by their T-shirt choices, and the Triglavian gate continued with this tradition.  I would like a T-shirt that isn’t so obscure in message that if I wore it people would ask me about EVE Online and not what the hell it even was.

On the right is the Open Comms T-shirt from Dirk MacGirk.  That was the shirt to have.

A lot of the items on the table were part of the gift back that groups can put their items into, including this item.

When do we want them?

It is a pre-addressed post card to be sent to CCP to get them to add alliance bookmarks to the game.  Just add a stamp and you’re set.

A few of the items were from the store, like the deck of cards with members of the “space famous club” on them.

House of Cards in Space

52 cards and a Joker.  The Joker is Winterblink.

Then there are my badges for four years of EVE Vegas.

Four years of badges

I drag the badges with me to each one.  As it turns out, the badges don’t change all that much over the years and people fully bought my 2015 press badge as legit before I picked up my speaker badge.

The two bracelets above were the blinking LED ones handed out for the party at Drai’s.  It is the same thing they often hand out to fans at playoff sporting events here.  While they will blink a bit before the event, when the host sends out the right RF signal they all synchronize and blink together in the same colors.

All flashing red… that guy in front of me is wearing two

And then there was the most important item to have at EVE Vegas.  Lady Scarlet was handing these out.

Friends indeed!

You’re not getting out of any sticky situation if you aren’t friends with Matterall.