Dateline Drustvar

I finally managed to get to level cap in Battle for Azeroth.

The moment hits at last

After an enthusiastic launch into the expansion when it hit, where I embraced the story and spoke lovingly about the look at feel of the zones in the expansion, I hit a wall.  Well, less a wall than some quicksand mechanics that seemed to be dragging me down the further I progressed into the expansion.

That ended up being the scaling system, which pegs off your item level.  However, difficulty climbed probably faster than your item level probably required.

The balance and speed of combat is a fine line.  Nobody wants to run around one-shotting every mob.  Well, okay, yes, we all like to do that once in a while, but it gets dull after a bit.

On the flip side, if every solo mob on the field turns into a protracted struggle that requires multiple passes through your rotation and some healing afterwards, the game can become a slog.  You kill one mob and look up and realize you need to go through that a dozen more times to get to your objective and the fun can start to wear off.

That was starting to get to me, which ended up with me spending some time playing EverQuest II, where I flip-flopped between one-shotting things with a hard glace and getting my posterior handed to me, often without any discernible logic.

Yes, I solo’d that no problem, why do you ask?

The coming of BlizzCon though, that started to turn my mind back to Azeroth.  The WoW Classic demo was really my intention.  But after playing that for a bit, I swapped over and started back in on my main in Battle for Azeroth.  As a bit of a pack rat, I found I hadn’t discarded some of my lower item level gear.

I also found some leftover Winter Vale candy in my bag

I managed to balance myself out to be able to carry on through Stormsong Valley, which I finished up on Sunday, getting both the exploration and story complete achievements.  Having already done Trigarde Sound, that left me with Drustvar.  By that point I was already level 119 and pretty close to hitting the final level.  So it took just a few quests there in order to hit the magic mark.

Once I hit the level cap, a few new options opened up for me.  I ran off to get the next foothold on Zandalar.  I also did the obligatory island expedition learning thing, so I am starting to see what people were complaining about.  And then I got the quest that I need to wrap up in order to unlock world quests, which will open up the faction grind that seems likely to eventually make flying a thing.

That quest

Having completed two zones, I am already honored with two of the three factions I need.  I suspect that running the quest lines in Drustvar will get me the third.  At this point I am also going to run some of the dungeons to boost my gear.  Since the rewards you get are always pegged to your level, I always feel like it is a bit of a waste to get dungeon rewards that don’t really help all that much.

We shall see.

4 thoughts on “Dateline Drustvar

  1. Alunaria

    What a cool tooltip from that game :)

    I was not a fan of scaling this time around. I just felt weaker as I levelled, which surely should not be the case. But around 340 item level, things have just started to feel more okay. I don’t want to oneshoot mobs either, but some kind of “Oh, I am stronger than when I faced this mob 2 weeks ago” is nice.

    Lol! That Winter Vale candy, I had no idea about that, is that a thing!

    I wonder if having Classic available in our launcher will help with a “flow” of the game, meaning, if “bored” of current, switch to Classic, then rejuvenate to come back to current version of the game, etc.

    I think I ran Dungeons for gear, but mostly targetted few World Quests for specific upgrades, to be able to do Warfront. I’m at 345 item level now. Not Revered and all that, no rush; this time around I do not feel that “engaged” with the game play as I did in Legion.


  2. Krumm

    I myself loved leveling on the Alliance Side. I found it more fun to play Protection while I leveled…strangely enough. On the Horde Side, the Capital city of the Trolls is a pyramid maze that hides your quests and gives you a head ache. I seem to be leveling much slower. However after hitting cap on Alliance and grinding the dailies I did’t feel as invested. So I then went back to Argus, the broken shore, and Dreanor to unlock flying and allied races. What kills me is how the game has shifted to this mythic plus rigamarole plus mandatory Exalted Reps business.

    I tell my son before this mythic garbage we had a real hard mode…it was called classic. Try taking on Hogger as an 11th level Paladin. or a pack of murlocks for that matter.

    I so want Classic to arrive. I started during the AQ20/40 war effort and while I never did like hunters having “mana” I loved everything else about it…ammo was ammo hey it was classic.

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  3. Krumm

    When Classic does arrive, Ill be making another dwarven hunter and heading straight for the elfe lands…If you hit every elven quest between tadressil and feralas youll earn exalted with darnassus by level 44ish. That’s what I did back in the day and I plan to do it again.

    If you see a Kuurgon in game give me a wave.

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  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Alunaria – I like those candy canes, primarily because they look funny and work with my transmog. I only have three left, but Winter Veil isn’t too far off.

    I have become surprisingly serious about my green armor, goggles, and silver shovel transmog set lately. I need to invest in that Pandaria mount that has a transmog vendor on board so I don’t have to fly home every time I equip a new piece of gear.

    @Krumm – In hindsight, a protection pally makes total sense. I will probably do that with my Horde pally when I get around to running the other side of the expansion.

    Come Classic, I am not sure. Playing the demo reminded how different all the classes play. I went with a pally because that was my first character, but I also rolled a hunter soon thereafter. And a hunter will be fun. Pet maintenance is a job in and of itself. But I might go priest or druid if I find a group. I like the healer thing. We’ll see.

    I’m also curious as to how many Classic servers there will be. If they threw up 20 for the BlizzCon demo, how many will they put up when it goes live? But part of the Classic experience was never seeing your friends because they rolled up on a different server.

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