World of Warcraft 14th Anniversary Celebration

We are past the middle of the month which puts us into the time when Blizzard starts celebrating the anniversary of the launch of World of Warcraft.  While the official launch date wasn’t until November 23, 2004, Blizz likes to start early, so things were already under way last week.

Anniversary Time

There is, of course, the usual “being there” achievement for logging in, as well as an email waiting for you with a gift.

Here we are again

The package contains some timewarped badges, the sort you get from doing timewalking dungeons, along with the usual WoW logo buff token which, following the usual pattern, provides a 14% boost to experience and reputation gain when active.

The token cometh

Timewalking seems to be the theme of the event, which I guess is totally appropriate for an anniversary event.  There are some quests that send you off to do some timewalking dungeons, which are set for The Burning Crusade era.

There is a new toy available from the timewalking vendor, some goggles that turns all friendly players and NPCs into Corgis.  And they’re all good dogs Brent.

I spent my tokens on some armor upgrades, since everything at the vendor was better than what I was wearing.  Maybe that will get me ready to actually do a few timewalking dungeons.

1 thought on “World of Warcraft 14th Anniversary Celebration

  1. kiantremayne

    The timewalking dungeon quest is just the usual timewalking rotation. However, there are a couple of dailies for the anniversary – one to answer a lore question for some more badges and xp, and the other to go and kill three classic-era world bosses (Azuregos, Kazzak v1.0 and one of the Dragons of Nightmare) for characters level 60 and above. These can drop loot that’s scaled to the character – I think I saw ilvl 360 items dropping for level 120 charcters.

    In any case, it’s worth parking your alts at the anniversary NPC and getting free xp every day as a reward for knowing far too much about Warcraft…

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