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The Search for Tin

As tends to happen when I return to Middle-earth, I got myself wrapped up in crafting.  Legendary server or not, I do get hooked up in that.

This post brought to you by the Anor Legendary server

I mentioned a couple of posts back that, with my first character, I had opted in for the Armsman vocation.

Your vocation choices

I am bad at keeping my gear up to spec, but I never slack on my weapons.  I operated on the theory that you don’t need much in the way of defense if you can slay your foe fast enough.

But when my first character, a champion, hit level 10 I rolled up my first alt, a dwarven guardian who quickly became my main.  However, when Nomu, my guardian, was able to, I also set him a vocation, choosing the Explorer’s path for him with the idea that he could collect wood and ore for my champion to enable all that crafting of arms I could imagine in my head.

I’d done this before on servers in the past.  It is all I can do to keep myself from rolling up more alts to craft.  I even bought Nomu the universal toolkit to keep him from having to swap tools to harvest.

150 LOTRO points well spent

But I hadn’t run into a problem I have found on Anor.  I cannot find any tin.

For metal workers, the first crafting tier requires you to craft bronze armor and weapons.  Bronze is, if you look it up, an alloy made up of copper and tin.  So copper and tin ore harvest nodes are what you expect to find in the low level areas.

At first, when the mass of players were roaming about the starter areas, I could find neither tin nor copper.  But by the time my alt started the pressure was off a bit and I started being able to find copper nodes here and there.

Nomu and an early copper find

Tin, however, remained elusive.  I spent time stalking about low level zones, even at off peak hours, and have, up to this point, yet to espy a single tin node.  I haven’t even seen one only to have it snatched before my eyes, a common enough event with copper nodes early one.  I have seen no tin.

Nomu has found just enough copper to advance his harvesting and smelting skills so he can continue to harvest and refine as he levels up.

Prospectors Progress

So he has built up a supply of ore from higher tiers that my champion could use for his Armsman vocation… if only he could get past the first tier.  He cannot get anywhere, at least as a weaponsmith, without tin.  And if he cannot get past the first tier, all that higher tier metal doesn’t do him much good.

And so it goes.  The search for some tin to continue.

Also, as a side note, I am considering one of the LOTRO black Friday deals, which is good through the weekend, the Bombur’s Bounty.

Black Friday Special

The deed acceleration could come in handy, for reasons which I will get into with a future post, and 400 mithril coins on top of that seems like a deal.  And I was sitting on over 17K LOTRO points when the server launched.  What else am I going to spend all of that on?

Also, a congrats to SSG for finally getting the queue in the launcher working and updating your position.  The queue isn’t a so much of a big deal now that the server has settled down a bit, but I was happy to see when I did find myself in a queue that I didn’t have to play multi-launcher logout games in order to actually get into the game.