The $200 LOTRO Legacy Edition

The team at SSG are looking for a Christmas bonus I guess.  Yesterday I posted about the Dungeons & Dragons Online 2 Year Season Pass limited offer and before that post could even go live SSG was out with a LOTRO version of the plan.

Available for a limited time

The LOTRO version, called the LOTRO Legacy Bundle, is different at least.  To start with, it costs $100 less and it isn’t limited to 1,000 units.

The deal is sort of the same as the DDO version, being wrapped up in a stretch of VIP game time.  However, the LOTRO deal is only for a year, and the price baseline for a year of LOTRO VIP is $99.99.

In the case of LOTRO, it gets you all of the quest packs, raids, and skirmishes that come with the expansions to the game… essentially all of the content of each expansion.

With that, $200 isn’t a horrible price point.  Knock off the price for a year of VIP and you only have to make up $100 in order to break even.

To go and buy the base package for all of the expansions today it would cost you $149.96.  The prices listed on the LOTRO site are:

Mordor            $39.99
Helm's Deep       $39.99
Riders of Rohan   $19.99
Rise of Isengard  $19.99
Siege of Mirkwood $9.99
Mines of Moria    $19.99

Siege of Mirkwood is expensive even at that price, but I might be a bit biased there.

In addition, you get all of the quest packs from the base game, something that comes with VIP status in any case, if I recall right.  That might be handy if you don’t want to keep paying for the VIP level access after the year runs down.

Unfortunately I cannot check the in-game store to see if the pricing is different because I own all of those, so they do not show up as options for me.

You don’t get any of the bonus items that came with any of the expansions, save for the Crystal of Remembrance that came with legendary version of Riders of Rohan.

In addition to that you get a pile of extras thrown in:

  • Premium Wallet (Account wide)
  • 250 Mithril Coins
  • Riding Skill
  • 5 vitality stat tome pickers
  • 10 skill and slayer deed boosts
  • 10 Reputation supply
  • A Fleet-Footed Goat
  • A Mount Picker (gets you 1 of 4 mounts)
  • Housing Pack

The wallet has changed enough over the years, and I got the premium one as part of some pre-order deal way back when, that I can’t tell you what that really means to an average player, even after reading the wiki.

Mithril coins are useful though, as is the riding skill.  Stat tomes boost your character, the boosters ease up a bit of grind, and a mount is always good.  The only thing I would discount would be the housing stuff, housing in LOTRO being such a waste in my opinion.

So one could argue that for your $199.99 LOTRO Legacy Bundle you end up with more than $250 worth of stuff.  Actual, tangible stuff, a VIP subscription and content.  That seems to make it a more substantial deal that the DDO Season Pass.

If, of course, you have not purchased any of these items already.  And therein lies the rub.

I actually own all of the expansions… and the base game… so of that estimate $149.96 in value, none of it applies to me.  And the fluff is not worth anywhere close to the extra $100… and I already have a lifetime subscription so even VIP access doesn’t get me anything.

But somewhere I am sure there is somebody who can commit to the game for a year… another problem for me… and who hasn’t purchased all the expansions.  If you stopped after Siege of Mirkwood you still come out a bit ahead on pricing using this to pick up all the content after that.

Anyway, as with the DDO Season Pass, this is a limited time offer, though the time limited is less constrained.  You have until the 16th to pick this up, while DDO side of the house is trying to rush you into buying by the 10th.  That, and the lack of an artificial 1,000 unit limit, makes me believe that SSG has a little more confidence in the LOTRO Legacy Bundle.

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4 thoughts on “The $200 LOTRO Legacy Edition

  1. Shintar

    This, to me, seems to be very much designed for the kind of player that loves LOTRO but isn’t “hardcore” about it, as in not participating in endgame, levelling slowly and maybe dropping in and out of VIP status. Based on the kinds of people I see talking about LOTRO, that seems to be a not insignificant number of players. That said, asking them to buy in for a full year of VIP might still be asking a bit much.

    Also, compared to most other F2P MMO’s I know, $150 to unlock all the quest content is still a sh*t-ton of money. I never really saw it added up like that before.

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  2. Bhagpuss

    If I was short of ideas on what MMO to play next, as I have been on occasion over the years, I would consider this LotRO offer very seriously. I’d probably want to be planning on playing LotRO as my main MMO for at least six months, but given that you get to keep all the content in the package permanently it would still be a good bet even if I didn’t last the full year. LotRO is very much the sort of MMORP you can keep coming back to and chipping away at.

    In fact, I did consider it briefly. $200 is a lot of money but not an outrageous sum for what’s on offer. What I hadn’t done, though, is to cost the component parts the way you did. Given that I have no interest in any of the extras, it seems to me that, were I to decide to give LotRO a serious shot, I’d be better off just buying the quest packs and expansions as I needed them. That way I’d spread the expense over a much longer period and be far more likely to use everything I paid for.

    Unlike the DDO pack, I can definitely see this one finding a market, though. It would make a fine Christmas present, too, if hard to wrap.

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  3. flosch

    I just tried to figure out how much of the items on offer I had. I have the expansions up to Helm’s Deep, but that’s it. I’m also missing several of the original areas because I started playing after it went F2P, so I was curious whether that would make it a halfway decent offer for me… not that I would’ve taken it anyway, because I am 100% sure I won’t play enough of it the next year to make the subscription a good deal.

    So I logged in and realized to my shock that I have more than 10 000 points saved up. I have no idea how I ended up with that much! That means I can basically buy all content I care about with money already sunk a long time ago: the Mordor expansion plus the latest two content packs don’t even eat up half of my stashed coins. Needless to say, that makes it a useless offer to me. It might also say something about me having made bad choices in the past that made me end up with so many stockpiled points…


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @flosch – At some point they stopped caring if lifetime subscribers logged in every month and just gave them their 500 LOTRO points no matter what. I bought the last two expansions with points and I still had 18K left when the Legendary server launched. But I guess if you were all-in on LOTRO and hadn’t played before, it would be a deal.


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