Daybreak Offering a Lifetime All Access Deal for $299

Daybreak is getting into the Lifetime Subscription arena this holiday season as part of their Daybreak Winter Extravaganza.

The Daybreak All Access plan lets you play DC Universe Online, EverQuest, EverQuest 2, and PlanetSide 2 with subscriber benefits. (Sorry, this does nothing for H1Z1 or PlanetSide Arena players.)

The deal is good through December 31, 2018, but is limited to 4,000 subscribers.

If you’re not down with that level of commitment, there is also a yearlong All Access deal for a somewhat underwhelming $199.  There are bonus items involved, but Daybreak has previously offered a year for $99, and the normal deal gets you 12 months for $119, so it doesn’t feel like they’re really selling it here.  What bonus items are worth $80? [Edit: They offered a full year for $71.99 back in August 2016.]

Of course, those with a suspicious mind might wonder why Daybreak is offering such a deal right now.  It seems late in the game, so to speak, to be offering up such a deal on titles that are, to put it bluntly, getting on in age.  With the seemingly right so far rumors post from back in May predicting that we might be seeing the last expansions for the Norrath franchise next year to send off EverQuest and EverQuest II for their 20th and 15th anniversaries respectively, you might be buying into some games with limited additional content prospects.

And, since Daybreak is excluding their newest games from the plan, that might give one pause as well.

Still, I doubt Daybreak is going to close down any of the games on the list any time soon, so you will likely get years of play out of a lifetime subscription if you are committed to any of the titles.

Also, as a side note, I see that Daybreak has also included links to the Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online holiday bundles (not the subscription one, which already expired) at the bottom of that announcement as well.  I do still wonder what the real relationship is between the Daybreak and SSG.  Rumors are that Jason Epstein owns them both somehow, but I can’t quite credit that.

Anyway, a bit of odd and unexpected holiday news out of Daybreak.  I am not sure what to think about it.  Would you buy in on this?  Go take a look yourself.

Addendum:  Each of the four games on the All Access plan has their own version of the Winter Extravaganza banner.  I went with the EverQuest II version at the top as they were the first group I heard from.  But I thought I would include the others as well here at the end of the post.

DC Universe Online

DCUO went with Mister Freeze, which I guess is on point weather wise… more so that a couple of dragons anyway.  It is a “winter” extravaganza after all.

PlanetSide 2

A Santa hat and a bit of holiday color and some decorations get the PlanetSide 2 offer in the spirit.


And then there is EverQuest playing up the scantily clad Firiona Vie, who is also holding a sizable candy cane.  I realize that she is the iconic emblem of the franchise for many, but I feel cold just looking at her.  Also, I’m not sure how that Santa hat is staying on given the pony tail in the back.

12 thoughts on “Daybreak Offering a Lifetime All Access Deal for $299

  1. zaphod6502

    If I was actively playing all of their games I might consider it but I already have a lifetime sub to LOTRO so it is of no use to me. Generally when companies do this they are looking for a quick cash injection to finance their future projects. This is fine but in Daybreak’s case it is a bit of a worry and indicates to me they are not financially stable.

    I also note they are developing Planetside Arena (battle royale) so maybe the money is helping with that.

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I’m starting to get the email notes from Daybreak about this offer, and the EverQuest branded one is titled, “DING – Lifetime Membership is Back!”

    However, I cannot recall Daybreak or SOE every offering a lifetime subscription before. My memory is imperfect and I don’t catch every update from them, but it seems like I would remember that. Meanwhile, Google can only find references to this sale. Anybody recall such an offer before?

    Addendum: I guess DCUO offered a lifetime subscription back at launch which, if you bought, turned into a lifetime All Access subscription. But I can’t find anything to justify the EQ franchise indicating that such a deal is “back.”


  3. SynCaine

    Obviously a bit bias here, but this scream ‘last gasp’ to me. They won’t be able to sell this once the EQ/EQ2 expansions stop, and this is before Arena basically replaces whatever little focus PS2 was getting.


  4. Bhagpuss

    I’m glad you posted on this tonight, otherwise I would have felt compelled to and I really don’t have the time. Generally I don’t agree with SynCaine on much when it comes to Daybreak/SOE, seeing he can’t stand them and they’re my all-time favorites, but on this occasion he’s saying what I was thinking. I don’t think it’s literally a “last gasp” as in they’ll go under if they don’t get the money but I do think it might well be a way of squeezing the last few drops out of the installed base before they officially break the bad news that there are no more expansions coming.

    I thought about it for a few minutes but i really can’t see any advantage for me in paying $300 up front. That would get me roughly three years of all access (a tad less). I think that the EQ titles will be around for longer than that but who knows? And anyway, they’re free to play. I don’t even need all access to do most of what I do. If they’d offered a Lifetime Sub ten years ago, before F2P I’d have been laughing (I’m sure they never have, by the way. I’d certainly have taken it up if they did) but at this stage I really can’t see the point.

    Much more interesting to me is another Winter Offer they’re running, the ” “Limited-Time Lewtz” Houses” which gets you eight prestige homes for 300DBC. I didn’t go for the 5000DBC Santa Glug snowglobe house in the end so I might grab this instead.

    Also, the inclusion of the DDO and LotRO offers in the body of a DBG promotion on the official EQ2 website, complete with links to the Standing Stone store, is very interesting. Is that the first time that’s happened? I can’t remember seeing it before. It does suggest a closer relationship than we probably imagined until now.


  5. Bhagpuss

    …erm… make that 3000DBC for the eight houses. Three hundred really would be a bargain…

    Also is one of those Dragons Lady Vox? That would be thematically appropriate.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I only recognize Lady Vox in her low polygon count original EverQuest form. Maybe.

    As I said elsewhere, ten or even five years ago I’d probably be on this deal. But now? That is a hard sell, and all the more with the looming prophecy of May about the end of expansions.

    While we don’t know how things are really going at Daybreak, I have to imagine after a layoff that bringing in $1.2 million in cash at the end of the year might be a good thing. Of course, once you milk your core audience for a one-time $299 buy-in, how to you get them to spend more money? Are we going to get some more Station Cash sales?

    I like the prestige houses, but it is one of those things where I can only care about so many before they all blur together. I still hang up all my important stuff… trophies, heritage quest rewards, snow globes, and so on… in my basic 5s a month apartment.


  7. Bhagpuss

    In the interests of true and accurate reporting – and to prevent anyone making a hideous mistake – I have to correct my correction! Eight prestige homes for 3000DBC would have been a pretty good bargain. A lot of Prestige homes go for around 700DBC so it seemed reasonable.

    The actual offer, now I am in game to see the store, is eight new prestige homes for 3000DBC EACH. That’s not nearly so amazing. I’ll have to go tour them to see what they’re like but I’m the same as you, really. My Berserker has his huge Maj’Dul Mansion which is where he puts everything he cares about. and my Warlock has one of the large Gorowyn places that he’s decorated but most of the others still have inn rooms, often very well lived-in. The prestige homes I own, which is a few, barely get visited, apart from the Mara Estate, which is a service hub for all my characters but not really a home.

    Anyway, don’t anyone go and buy one of the new ones and then blame me because it’s just one house not eight. The DBG website entry is very misleading!


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