The Steam Winter Sale Returns for 2018

Like anybody doubted it would.

Yes, the holidays are upon us and one of the more recent traditions, the Steam Winter Sale, has returned with them.

As has become the norm, this is the modern, relaxed version of the sale, where the price drops remain throughout the event so nobody will miss any good deals just because they were at work when a flash sale hit.

This years special event is an advent calendar-like daily visit to the Extremely Cozy Cottage.

Along with that are some of the usual activities, besides buying games.  You can vote for the Steam Awards.  The nominations were part of the Autumn sale… a Steam sale for every season is now officially a thing… but nothing I nominated made the cut.

Still, I’ll vote because you get a trading card each time you do and apparently I’ll do about anything for a Steam trading card.  I’ll even look at my queue three times every day.  Seriously, these events are the only time I ever look at my recommendation queue.

But will I buy anything?  I anticipate getting an email from Steam soon telling me that 35 or so games on my wish list are now on sale.  And, while I haven’t been complaining like some about having sooo many unplayed games in my Steam library, I am still well beyond buying things simply because they have been marked down 80%.

I suppose eventually I’ll be posting about how Epic and Discord and Twitch and whoever else seeks to wear the digital games storefront mantle are all having seasonal sales.  Just because they want to differentiate themselves from Steam in some way doesn’t mean they can ignore the trends that Steam has started.


4 thoughts on “The Steam Winter Sale Returns for 2018

  1. Nosy Gamer

    I went ahead and purchased Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations because it was an $80 game marked 67% off. Probably the only new game I buy, though. I still have games in my library I haven’t touched.


  2. SynCaine

    One trend I have noticed is the sales aren’t as deep as they have been in the past. In years prior, the standard ‘good deal’ was 75% off. This year only a small selection of titles are discounted that much, and many don’t even hit the 50% mark.

    I wonder if its a case of people buying at 50% like they would at 75%, or if simply dumping games at 75% wasn’t ultimately sustainable by the devs.


  3. Tessa - Narratess

    If I bought every game with more than 50% off my wishlist would be cut in half. But I only buy games when I intend to play them soon (say, next week). Otherwise it’s not worth it. This sale I might actually buy The Nonary Games. I played the first and would really like to play the next one. It’s still one of the best games I played.


  4. Vigo

    You might like Dead Cells. It’s probably on sale for twenty bucks (I’ve never seen it go below that). I don’t really know how to describe it, and that’s after logging more than thirty hours in two weeks, and I haven’t beaten the lowest difficulty setting once.

    (Note that if you want the full experience, do not look up anything other than the game’s official description. It’s intended for you to piece together the story from finding little set pieces in the randomly generated levels. Spoiling that removes much of what I imagine you’d enjoy writing about, though the gameplay is good and deep enough that it’s still great either way.)


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