Daybreak Sells Out Lifetime Membership Limit, Decides Money is Good and Opts to Sell More

Daybreak was offering a limited number of lifetime subscriptions for $299 last week.

Firiona Vie never gets cold

The count of 4,000 was reached on Christmas Eve, at which point the sale was done.

However, Daybreak has relented due to “popular demand” and has decided to take more money for lifetime subscriptions through the end of the year.


This is not a drill! Lock in membership to your favorite games with the Lifetime* All Access Membership. Available for a limited time, this special offer grants lifetime membership benefits in every All Access game. All Access currently includes DC Universe Online, EverQuest, EverQuest 2, and PlanetSide 2.

No more resubscribing. No more recurring payments. All the access. All the time. Plus, if you already have an active All Access membership, we will convert your unused time to Daybreak Cash when you upgrade to this offer!

The Lifetime* All Access Membership is available on PC for $299.99 USD, now through December 31, 2018. Get yours today!

I’m going to guess the that the 12 month “bonus” deal, which was only double the price of a normal one year subscription wasn’t as big of a hit as they expected.

Anyway, if you were on the fence about the lifetime subscription, you now have a few more days to dither about the whole thing.

Addendum: At some point in the middle of the night Daybreak added a limit of 6,000 to the renewed offer.  Either that, or I totally missed that in my first read.  But I was looking for some sort of limit when their post went up, so I strongly suspect it was added later.

I guess they feel that scarcity makes people more likely to buy.  They are probably right, but I bet if they sold all 6,000 right now, they’d “find” another few thousand to sell tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Daybreak Sells Out Lifetime Membership Limit, Decides Money is Good and Opts to Sell More

  1. Bhagpuss

    The more I think about it, the less I see the point of any lifetime sub to any game. It’s not as if game subs are particularly expensive or that it’s difficult to stop paying when you stop playing and start again when you do. As far as I can see, I can already play any online game as soon as I want to, whenever I want to, simply by reactivating an account if I already have one or setting one up if I don’t. And most MMOs, including all of DBGs in this offer, are to some extent F2P anyway.

    Anyway, good luck to them in pulling in a bit of cash flow. I’m waiting for the real news in the Spring, when we’ll find out something about just how much life there is left in these “lifetime” subs.


  2. Alunaria

    I had no idea this was a thing before I read it on your blog. It would be a jeopardy to buy for some games, wouldn´t it? I mean, no guarantee they will stay up “forever”.


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