An EverQuest II Expansion Coming in 2019

We saw a Producer’s Letter for EverQuest already this week, which was focused on the 20 year anniversary celebration.

Following that up is a Producer’s Letter for EverQuest II which indicates that both sides of the House of Norrath will be doing some celebrating in March.

The celebration will start with a new server, which will be up as a beta next week.  Called Nagafen, it will seek to bring back the PvP style that was once part of the game.  We’ll see if PvP nostalgia fares better than it did originally, as PvP servers and PvP outside of battlegrounds was shut down due to lack of interest in the past.  Of course, this quote seems to be hedging a bit on the whole plan:

If it gets a good following in Beta, we’ll look to launching it live!

Maybe if they add a battle royale mode…

There will also be celebration and events on the Plane of Mischief in EQII as well as a new progression server, both to coincide with the 20 year anniversary in March.  As with the two planned EQ progression servers, the details for the EQII progression server are not out yet.

EQII is also having its own anniversary event this year, as it is turning 15 come November.  Included with that will be another expansion to the game that will “take you to a whole new unexplored location of lore and legend” according to the Producer’s Letter.

There isn’t much in the way of details, so we’ll have to wait for that to show up.


Bhagpuss has his own post up about the Producer’s Letter at last.

4 thoughts on “An EverQuest II Expansion Coming in 2019

  1. Yeebo

    I realize you meant it with a bit of snark, but Battle Royal binned into different level ranges would certainly be interesting, I’m not sure whether in a good way or a train wreck way though.

    Maybe have it divvied up into five level brackets. Have each match start in a level appropriate zone, anyone that leaves the zone after the match starts forfeits. PvP kills of someone in your bracket give you XP, and give the winner of each match their choice of a skill tome that maxes out one of their spells (grand master version or whatever they are called). If you are the only one in your zone when a match starts you get a free tome, so there is a point to the system even after the bulk of the player base has moved on.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Yeebo – Oh, I meant it with more than a bit of snark.

    As for the reality? I wouldn’t put it past them. But EQII has always had a problematic time with PvP. It has… 25 classes now… 26 maybe… all heavily tilted towards various PvE rolls. All of that has historically fallen apart when PvP gets into the mix. The golden era of PvP they’re trying to recreate with that new server… that was the era when everybody who was on the PvP server stopped leveling up at 19 or so because after that the skills got totally out of whack.

    SOE wasted a lot of dev time trying to make PvP work, including a point when every piece of gear had both PvE and PvP stats. In the end, they closed down the last PvP retro server due to lack of interest, which is what I linked to.

    So maybe it would work. They have some sort of battleground knock-off in the game. But I bet it is something that only a few classes end up being used.


  3. Bhagpuss

    Just woke up to see this and off to work in ten minutes…grrr! No time to get into it but there’s *so* much subtext in that Producer’s Letter. Going to have to wait until tomorrow to dig into it.

    It puts paid to the leak for good and all, though. My take is that when the leaker was at DBG there probably were plans to move on from the EQ games we have but in the time since then the internal situation has changed and the current plan is to consolidate and build on what they have since that’s where such income as they’re getting is still coming from.

    As for PvP, I can confirm that if you play EQ2 regularly you’ll see “why is there no PvP?” as a constant topic of conversation. Even now there’s a significant demand for it from a subsection of the installed base and there’s also a great nostalgia for the “good old days” of EQII’s original PvP server. Whether that can be translated into paying customers who stick around is another matter.

    Anyway, all good news and I’m off to work!


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Like any good prophecy, that rumor thing from last year has just enough ambiguity to stay alive I think. Even at the time it came out I wasn’t sure if 2018 or 2019 was going to be the final expansion.

    But, yes, circumstances change. Who knows how much of whatever plan they had a year ago is still intact. But there is still a chance they could use the 20 year anniversary thing to announce EverQuest 3.

    As for PvP, there is a small but loud group in every forum demanding PvP. One of the things that put me off of Pantheon was Brad immediately saying that they would add PvP simply because a few people in the forums kept posting about it. And those few people always say that the game needs PvP, most people really want it, blah blah blah.

    And then we see the results. In EQ, four PvP servers, all dead because it wasn’t sustainable. EQII, tons of work wasted and servers closed due to lack of interest. Over in WoW they put in a new world PvP mechanic you can turn on… and almost nobody does. Hell, back in the days of UO, the much despised Trammel server had no PvP and caused subscriptions to go up.

    I’m not against PvP. I play EVE Online. But, as with other features like player housing or flying mounts, I don’t think every single game has to have it. PvP is a feature that, if done badly, is pretty much a wasted effort. EQII is the poster child for that.

    I’ll also be a little pissy if Daybreak invests a bunch of effort in getting a PvP retro server up and going after they spent as little effort on the PvE progression servers, which have a sustainable population. That would be a sign that the ghost of Smed still lingers in the halls of the office.


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