Daybreak Prepares for the Coming EverQuest 20 Year Anniversary

The often quiet Daybreak has surfaced to address the coming EverQuest 20th anniversary.  That’s right, EverQuest turns 20 this coming March 16th.

In a producer’s letter from Executive Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale… I hadn’t seen anything from her is so long that I wasn’t sure she was still with Daybreak… laid out some general expectations about what the company has planned.

Original Box Art

In game the letter says that there will be “brand new land, raids, and rares with a story about preserving our past, and it’s free.”  That is something for the regulars, the people who still congregate to play on the live servers.

For the extended fan base, which includes those of us lapsed Norrathians, who like to watch from a distance but who haven’t played the live game with any serious intent for years, there are a couple of new progression servers planned.

Progression servers are the SOE/Daybreak specialty and have proven quite popular when given the attention they deserve.  But Daybreak knows they cannot just roll out the same old thing every time, so these two new servers will be variations on the usual theme.

While the rules have not been revealed yet, one will be targeted as “hardcore” and the other “ultra-casual.”  Sign me up for the latter I guess.  I’ll be interested to see the rule set for both.  And both servers will launch on March 16th to coincide with the 20 year anniversary.

Starting then will keep them far enough from the impending launch of WoW Classic, slated for this summer, which I suspect will own the retro server market for some time.

And maybe with two servers launching on the same day there won’t be a huge queue.  Or maybe there will be.  I’d take it as a good sign for the franchise if there was one.

In addition to that, the producer’s letter says that a real life fan event is possibly in the works.

We’re working on pulling together an EQ fan event so we can hang out with you, our honored guests.

There are no details, and the tentative nature of that statement means it might not pan out.  But if it does, it will likely happen over the summer.  More details are promised come March.

In addition, Daybreak is asking for player submissions of short videos, 20 seconds or less, about how EverQuest changed your life or 15 second videos of your main character in game, to be included as part of an a 20th anniversary album that Daybreak will put out on Facebook this year.  If that interests you, you can submit your video via this page.

It has been a long time since EverQuest launched.  It was a very different world back in 1999.

There is no sign or word about the predicted end of content for the game, something that came about as a rumor back around the beginning of May last year. (After one of those layoffs.)  That some of what was stated has come to pass lends those rumors credence.  But things can change.  And  I wouldn’t expect to hear anything about that before the anniversary, lest it mar the event.  So we’ll hear more about what Daybreak has in store soon I hope.

Meanwhile, Bhagpuss has his own look at the producer’s letter and the coming 20th anniversary events.

2 thoughts on “Daybreak Prepares for the Coming EverQuest 20 Year Anniversary

  1. Bhagpuss

    I wouldn’t for a moment have put it past the old SOE to have announced the mothballling of EQ in the same press release as they bigged up the 20th Anniversary but DBG is a lot cannier than that. Even so, the 20th won’t really be out of the way until April, which is a long time to go without letting anything slip.

    The idea that they’ll stop taking money from EQ players seems odd, though. I know we have no idea what sort of numbers still play, but there are three EQ servers that show “High” population just about 100% of the time, which is more than any of the other games can claim. There have to be thousands of players still committed to EQ, which is a captive market you’d think no-one would want to walk away from if they didn’t have to.

    Anyway, what will be will be. As I say often these days, my ambitions for Norrath these days end at someone keeping the lights on. As for the new progression servers, the devil will be in the detail, but I’m more interested in the ultra-casual ruleset than I have been in a new EQ server for maybe a decade.

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – There is still a lot of ground between EQ as it is now, with updates and an expansion every year, and EQ just on life support with no attention at all. I suspect that if they drop expansions they would at least keep on with some events and such.

    And there is also the off-chance that dropping expansions will also be linked to an announcement that the team will be working on a new version of EQ. Granted, it will probably be EQ content complete redone in the H1Z1 engine with a battle royale mode thrown in… but I’d still try that at some point. I wouldn’t pay for early access, but I’d try it if they shipped it.

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