Free Final Fantasy XIV Maybe

I continue to maintain that few things in life are actually free, and this is no exception.

IF you are an Amazon Prime member and you have a Twitch account and you have linked your Twitch account to your Amazon account then, right now through May 4, you can get a free copy of the Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition through Twitch.

Free for a while

It took me a bit to figure out where to claim this.  I saw it mentioned on Twitter and we know that Amazon and Twitch have a couple of methods for handing out free stuff.

As I have mentioned in the past, there is the Twitch Prime page where you can claim games to download via the Twitch client.  It is available there, but due to the way the page is sorted, it is down at the bottom of the list as opposed to up with the free games.

You can also find it via the main Twitch site in a browser.  It is in the Prime Loot menu, the little up at the top of the page.

Prime Loot

You cannot find it in the Twitch Client.  At least I could not find it in the Twitch Client.  It seems like the integration with the client is less than complete.

Claiming your copy seems simple enough.  You click a button to get a code for the game, the follow the link provided to the download page.

Having never played FFXIV, and feeling that was perhaps a bit of an omission on my part, I decided to grab a copy.  I wasn’t burning to play it RIGHT NOW, but could foresee a time in the spring or summer, before WoW Classic looms into view, where I might have the time and inclination to give it a try.  So I downloaded the installer to at least get it setup.

Unfortunately, that is about where my journey ceased.  When I run the installer I get the option to select my region and language:

That’s me!

And then I hit “accept” and the dialog goes away for a flash, only to return and ask me again… and again… and again… and off into the distance so far as my patience will sustain me.

I did the usual thing, ran it as Administrator, but that didn’t help.

The install page, which seemed a little behind the times, suggested that I run it in Windows Vista SP2 compatibility mode… let me remind you that Windows Vista came out in 2006, or a good seven years before FFXIV… but I gave that a shot.  I tried the various Windows 7 modes.  I turned off the virus protection.  I Googled around for some other options, but found mostly variations on the what I had been trying, none of them successful.

I did run across one thread that said if you were running on Windows 10, as I am, that you needed to install DirectX 9 manually first.  That seemed an unlikely solution, since DX9 was from the Windows XP era and we were now getting into things more than a decade before the game launched.

Thinking that there must be an updated installer somewhere, I went poking around for that as well.  I had no luck on the Square Enix site, where downloads were behind a $19.99 barrier.  Likewise, I figured there must be an installer that worked over on Steam.  But that too had a $19.99 tariff in the way.

So I set it aside.  Like I said, I wasn’t in a hurry to play it right away.  I copied the code off for later use.  I’ll poke around a bit more later.  But the option is there.  You can get a free copy, if you have met all the criteria and can get the installer to run.

7 thoughts on “Free Final Fantasy XIV Maybe

  1. bhagpuss

    That set-up malarkey is classic Square Enix. The LotRO patcher is state-of-the-art by comparison.

    I looked at the twitch offer but I didn’t bother. It’s probably worth it for anyone who has never bought any version of FFXIV, because it does give you the base game for nothing. However, it also only gives you one month of gameplay, after which you will have to stop or pay for a subscription, exactly as though you had actually paid for a copy.

    You can’t use the Twitch code to sub an existing, lapsed account for a month. I checked. I would have done that. You also can’t use it to convert a Free Trial account to the full, base game. I checked that, too.

    If you’re curious about FFXIV but don’t think you’d be likely to subscribe, you’d be better off with the unlimited-time free trial. That lets you play to level 35 with no noticeable restrictions and you can play indefinitely, not just for a month. I would say most people with mild curiosity would either know they did or did not want to subscribe well before Level 35.

    That said, these days almost *every* current FFXIV player, when asked, dismisses the base game as just something to get past as fast as possible to reach the real game, which these days seems to be reckoned to begin with the second expansion. The much-vaunted storyline, which people were raving about when there were no expansions, is now cited as not getting going until Level 60 0r so. This kind of retrofitting happens in most MMORPGs, of course.

    It would be very interesting to read your accounts of a trip through Eorzea, though, so I hope you do decide to give it a go. Maybe try installing the Free Trial and see if that runs? I don’t recall having too much trouble with that.


  2. Moongy

    “The much-vaunted storyline, which people were raving about when there were no expansions, is now cited as not getting going until Level 60 0r so. This kind of retrofitting happens in most MMORPGs, of course.”
    I can only talk for myself, but I didn’t feel like there was a good narrative until final patches of ARR, everything before that felt like “primal of the week” kind of story with very little world building and character development. I was flabbergasted to read Aywren’s post about how she enjoyed 2.0 story more than LWS2 in GW2, which I found much better written and coherent.


  3. Izlain

    I saw your post yesterday, downloaded client and didn’t have any issues with install. I’m on Windows 10 as well. Only problem I had was forgetting my ID, so had to contact support about that but eventually got everything and am patching currently. Now just have to figure out where people are playing.


  4. Mazer

    The main story certainly meanders a bit between the end of the base game’s launch content and the beginning of the first expansion (Heavensward), but I wouldn’t say it’s any worse than other games. The big difference with FFXIV is significantly more content is gated behind the main story quests and you can’t jump ahead to the start of a new expansion.

    That said this is certainly straying into the realm of opinion and I wouldn’t disagree with Bhagpuss that a lot of people do find it frustrating. Assuming you’re mostly there to see the sights and not trying to catch up to friends already at the endgame I don’t think it’d be an issue. I second being curious what you’d think. : D


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