Skill Point Hand Out in EVE Online This Weekend

I guess skill points are the new incentive of late.  We used to get them as an apology present from CCP now and again, the last batch having arrived earlier this month because of the chat system issues.

But we’re also getting them as straight up handouts to incentivize people to log in.  There was the login event back in November.  And in December there were skill points given away for logging in during the 13 Days of EVE event.  And now we have… sn April Fools event I guess… where you get some free skill points for just logging into EVE Online.

Log in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

As before, the skill points will be doled out over several days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this time around, and be split into Alpha and Omega rewards.

Alpha clones will be able to claim 25,000 skill points on each of the three days, for a total possible claim of 75,000 skill points.  Nothing to sneeze at.

Omega clones will get an increasing rate of rewards, earning 25,000 points for logging in on Friday, 50,000 for Saturday, and 100,000 skill points for Sunday.  Plus, Omega clones can claim the Alpha clone rewards as well, stacking up to a total of 250,000 skill points for just logging in three days running.

The skill points can be applied to any character on the account that logs in.

I am not sure what prompted this event, though the cynic in me does note that it is landing at the end of the first quarter of 2019.  Perhaps CCP has some monthly active user (MAU) goals it needs to achieve, so it is incentivizing getting people to log in to boost that number.

Whatever.  I’ll be logging in to claim my skill points.

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