Pet Battle Catching Rodeo

As I mentioned last week, with the pet battle experience boost running through today in World of Warcraft, it was time to get out and level up some pets.

Time for pet battles!

My problem was that I was running out of low level pets to run through my level up routine and, as I realized, catching new pets out in Zandalar and Kul Tiras was just adding in more level 23 pets as opposed to giving me some level 1 pets to run with.

So I started working on things that would get me level 1 pets.

The auction house is always an option, though I am a bit of cheapskate, in part because I have never been one to accumulate gold in any serious fashion.  So in the current price meta at the auction house, literally everything seems expensive to me.  Still, I buckled down and bought a few of the cheaper pets I did not have.

Another way forwards was via achievements.  As it turned out I was just a few pets short on several of the collection achievements.  So I headed out into the world to do a bit more catching.

First up was Battle for Azeroth, where I was out doing world quests on Zandalar.  There lived the last few pets I needed.  So I went around the zone and scooped them up as I could, finding the last one

Battle for Azeroth achievement complete

That gave me a new rare level 1, the Dreadtick Leecher.

Next up on the list was the Legion collection achievement.

I was a bit surprised that I didn’t have that completed as I remembered working on it specifically at one point during a past pet battle bonus event.  But I still had a couple on the list, so it was off to the Broken Isles to pick up a few more pets and another achievement.

Broken Isles done

That left me with one more collection achievement, one that had eluded me before.  I needed the restless shadeling from near Karazhan.  I make the same mistake every time.  I go to WoW Head, look it up, read the top comment, which says that it spawns only at midnight server time.  Since Eldre’Thalas is a US east coast server, so I happily get in there and hang around at 9 pm Pacific time thinking it should spawn.

I always forget to read down the comments to the point where it says that Blizzard changed this so that restless shadelings start to spawn at midnight Pacific time, so I am usually hanging around there for nothing three hours early.  And I did that again.

Hanging around yet again

This time however, when 9pm came and went I looked the whole thing up again and decided I was just going to stay up and catch it.  Staying up until midnight doesn’t sound like a big deal, but my life is currently skewed towards getting up at 5am, so I am usually quite drowsy past 10pm these days.  Getting old is no fun.  But my patience was rewarded.

The shadeling appears

I was actually a bit annoyed because the first one I spotted at midnight was positioned in such a way that I could not open a battle with it.  But there were more down the way and, being just level 17, they show up solo rather than getting two partners, so they are easy enough to catch.

I got one, and the double achievements for finally bringing that guy home.

Mine at last

That got me lined up with some fresh pets to work with.  But at that point I noticed I was closing in on yet another achievement, the one for collecting 800 pets… which, of course gets you another pet.

I wasn’t far off and, as it turned out there were three new pets to buy at Darkmoon Faire, added with the recent 8.1.5 patch, so when Sunday rolled around I immediately found the vendor… they are balloon pets, so the balloon vendor has them… and bought all three.  I have a stock of prize tickets for just this sort of thing.

Hey, balloons

The balloon pets are fun as they do, in fact, appear around you as though you are holding a balloon.

Me and my wolf balloon pet

That left me just a few pets shy of 800, so I got out an alt that had some gold on them and bought up some more from the auction house.  That was enough to get me over the top.

Pet Emporium achievement

The count in the Rematch addon was off by a bit, so I actually bought a few more battle pets than I needed to.  At least that gets me closer to the next achievement, which is for 1,000.  As of now my count stands at 806, which seems like a long way from 1,000.  But then again, 800 seemed a long way away when I made it to 600, and Blizz keeps adding pets to the game.

Anyway, that was what I did with my gaming time this weekend.

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