Battle for Azeroth Flying on the Horizon

We have had the World of Warcraft 8.1.5 update in our hands for a little while now, so Blizzard has started telling us about the 8.2 update, Rise of Azshara.  They had a half hour stream on Twitch yesterday that gave an overview of what to expect.

The 8.2 update splash screen

We are slated to get a lot of things with 8.2 and a 30 minute presentation gave just a brief overview of a lot of what to expect.

Rise of Azshara Features

I have not been very engaged with the Battle for Azeroth expansion.  Some aspects of it seemed almost designed to discourage and dismay all but the most determined.  And, as with Legion, it wasn’t a particularly alt friendly design to get into.  It is a better plan to pick one character and do all the things first.  And so I have pottered about, playing then falling by the wayside off and on since the expansion dropped.  But the first ray of light for alts came with this update with the announcement that the unlock for flying will be part of the 8.2 update.

Flying is Coming

We knew it would be coming, though that hasn’t stopped some people from being angry it hasn’t been in since day one.

Flying will be unlocked for your account when you finish the Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder Part Two achievement.  You will get that nice mechanical parrot mount pictured above for your efforts as well.  As for what will be required for that achievement is not yet certain, but now I at least have a mission; get the Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder Part One achievement complete.  I’m lagging on that.

Where I stand today

Still, I can wrap up part one with a little effort I think.  The exploration achievement is easy enough and I am only one faction shy on the diplomat front.  With those, and four more war campaigns to finish for the Ready for War achievement, I will be there.

Also on the topic of mounts, the 8.2 update will also introduce an equipment slot for your mounts in order to give them a special ability.

Mount Equipment

There are three options which will give all your mounts water walking, resistance to being dazed, or a parachute to deploy if you are dismounted in the air.

It was openly stated that this was in reaction to the Azure Water Strider mount, which has the innate ability to walk on water.  Putting this in the game during the Mists of Pandaria expansion was almost as big of a change as when they put in flying.  Being able to ride on water at will is such a huge boon that I use this mount all the time, both on alts and any place where flying is not available.

An alt riding on water

And apparently I am not alone.  This mount gets used everywhere and I see other people on it all the time.  So Blizz, realizing they let the water walking genie out of the bottle, is going to make it so any of your mounts can walk on water if you so desire.

What was left out was whether or not the water strider would keep its innate regardless of what was equipped.  I suspect it won’t, but if it does I don’t expect that usage of the mount will go down since you’ll be able to have water walking with that AND one of the other buffs as well.  We shall see.

5 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth Flying on the Horizon

  1. Marathal

    They confirmed it will lose its water walking. If you have the Anglers rep complete you will get a free water walking application, but once you assign another you will have to pay to put it back on.

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  2. Simon

    I took a 5 year break from Wow and came back at BFA launch.

    I do take your point about some of the systems being unappealing. Warfronts and Islands are things I did a few times to take a look then never felt interested in them. (Except when the fortnightly quest for an ilvl 400 item comes along).

    Alt levelling has also felt gruelling. 120 levels is a lot. The content feels significantly worse than the modern stuff because it’s empty, because it develops stories that the character doesn’t understand and doesn’t finish, because rest exp serves as a reason to disengage with the character and then forget about it for weeks.

    I also don’t like where raiding has gone. It’s an elaborate dance, different for each boss, aimed at the most hardcore people. I want to just tag along to a raid, press my rotation and admire my meter stats, not learn some complex traffic lights minigame in order not to wipe us. I appreciate there are other people who need this stuff and they’re more engaged and have louder voices.

    I do like the looking for raid system which lets me tourist this content without feeling the pressure of being in a wiping group of people on comms. While other people in LFR may be people they don’t feel like people and I never have to think of their feelings or listen to them rage on comms.

    There’s also a lot to the quests. The story quests are really well written and filled with interesting cutscenes. The art is stellar.

    All in all I’m playing quite a lot of WoW.


  3. Alunaria

    I feel sorry for all the low level players using that strider – I can imagine they will not have acesss to the new mount gear.

    Gosh, that picture

    Made me think that horses will be able to fly. I would love equipment that made all our mounts fly.

    I saved most content on Kul Tiras for when I will have flying. Time efficiency and all. I will catch up during the slow period before the next expansion.


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