Daily Archives: May 4, 2019

The EVE Online Invasion Expansion Arrives on May 28th

CCP has announced the arrival date for the next big EVE Online expansion.  Titled Invasion, it will be landing on May 28th.  I almost missed the announcement because they are also in the middle of the EVE Online Invasion world tour of events.  I guess we know the 2019 theme for sure now.

Invasion is coming

If the name and graphic were not enough, the announcement straight up tells us that the Triglavians are coming to get us.  I supposed we’ve been messing around too much in Abyssal space.

The Triglavians will also be bringing along three new hulls, an assault frigate, a heavy assault cruiser, and a command destroyer, giving them a range fleet options.

With the Invasion expansion we will also get further changes to the War Dec system and and overhaul of the unloved interface of The Agency.

There will also be a range of smaller fixes and changes, including allowing faction weapons to use Tech II ammunition.

All of that is coming at the end of the month.