Daily Archives: May 12, 2019

Farewell to MMO Fallout

One of the problems of being generally interested in a genre like MMORPGs is that there is a lot going on.  By their nature as live games with ongoing development and updates and expansions there can be news coming at you and random intervals.

Multiply this by more than a couple of games and keeping an eye on the genre can become more than a full time job.  Even a site like Massively OP has to depend on tips and such to keep up with games, and all the more so with how companies use different formats to deliver information.

For me, one way to keep up with the MMORPG news is to follow people who pay close attention to specific games or companies.  Sure, I follow the game company feeds, but as I said, the companies can be all over the board, one day on posting to their front page, another day on Twitter, then somewhere deep in the own forums, then again over on Reddit.

There have been a few sites that have helped me fill in the gaps.  MMO Fallout has been a key one over the years.

I am not sure, for example, I would know a tenth as much about what is going on with RuneScape or Jagex without Connor’s coverage.  He has also kept a close eye on NCsoft and seems able to find all sorts of fun things around Daybreak.

So, for most of the last decade I have leaned on MMO Fallout coverage to keep me up on areas on the genre that do not get a lot of mainstream coverage and which I have not been keen to follow up myself.  Theoretically I keep an eye on Daybreak, but I don’t delve into their forums very often and can’t be bothered with Reddit.  So even there I have leaned on him.

Now, however, after nearly ten years, MMO Fallout is winding down.  Life moves on and the work that goes into sifting through so much chaff to find noteworthy nuggets takes its toll.  So the final post is up announcing the end of the site.  Another site going away.

This is what I get for hanging around for so long myself.  I have now seen the rise and fall of many sites.

Such is the ephemeral nature of the internet.  It is all just bits of data and light that comes to us.

I will miss MMO Fallout, but I wish Connor well in his new pursuits.  You can only spend so much time mucking around with video games… at least until you get old like me.  And we always have the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive.