Post NDA CSM Tales

The past week of tales of bots and invasion plans and what not got me peeking in /r/eve on Reddit, something I tend to steer clear of.  As with many open forums the signal to noise ratio is too high and I prefer to follow somebody on Twitter or elsewhere who will pull out the choice tidbits worth reading rather than chase them down myself.

But today my curiosity with what was going on in EVE Online paid off, as Jester of the now silent Jester’s Trek blog, known in-game as Ripard Teg, had an AMA going Reddit earlier today.

The only time I can recall seeing him in space

Jester was on CSM8 and his five year NDA expired recently, so he decided to, if not tell all, then at least provide insight on his time on the CSM and his dealings with CCP.

You can find the Reddit post here.  He has tried to reply to serious questions and has recounted a few tales he had previously promised to tell, including the reaction of CCP executive staff to the Dominion trailer.

There is certainly some new information to be gleaned from his responses.  The tale of his posting about Erotica 1 and the bonus room controversy certainly sheds new light on the affair, and not in a way flattering to CCP.

Probably the biggest surprise for me were kind words said about the former CCP Pokethulu, David Reid, who is now running MetaArcade.  My somewhat sour outlook about him involves his hyperbole around Rift and the infamous Tabula Rasa is Triple-A and Here to Stay story over at Massively when he was president of the newly created NCsoft West, shortly before they announced they were shutting the game down, something that ground Editor-in-Chief Michael Zenke’s gears quite severely.

It can be hard to discern from the outside what sort of impact any one person has on a company, but Jester seems to think he was doing a good job given the resources he had.

Aside: While digging up the Tabula Rasa story on the Wayback Machine I ran across what may be the first post fretting about titan proliferation in New Eden.  Band of Brother’s 13 titans were viewed as frightening.

5 thoughts on “Post NDA CSM Tales

  1. Nosy Gamer

    I wasn’t a big fan of Ripard’s time on the CSM. Among other things, he argued that EVE was not an MMORPG and needed to take the role-playing elements out of the game. Yes, he said that on one of the town halls broadcast on EVE Radio.

    I’m actually not surprised Ripard liked David Reid. Then again, when Reid was handling the EP role as well as the CMO position, that’s when the 1st Somerblink scandal involving rare ships occurred. No one was around who could tell him no. And considering that Somerset Mahm had a legit, CCP-approved ISK laundering scheme going on at the time, we’re talking the possibility of Somer raking in thousands of dollars from those ships. I think that kind of thinking also extended into the CSM’s silence concerning the 2nd Somerblink scandal, when we found out that the ISK laundering was allowed, and that most of the casinos were doing it.

    One of the biggest chuckles I got out of Ripard’s AMA was his crediting Reid for maintaining the concurrent user count. The count dropped by a huge amount when Reid was wearing both hats and didn’t really stabilize until CCP Seagull was promoted to executive producer.

    On the Erotica1 front, Ripard was the loudest voice saying that CCP could ban whoever they want, for whatever reason, the EULA be damned. As I recall, he even had quite a bit of disdain for those of us who argued that E1 had broken the EULA and deserved to eat a permanent ban. I think that type of argument established some bad habits, as CCP didn’t really need to justify bans anymore. What they said, goes. But that’s just me.

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Nosy Gamer – Heh, the Somerset Mahm and the special Rattlesnake hulls, I remember that. Just barely. I seem to recall Jester posting in defense of that, which included the revelation that CSM members got some of those hulls, or something like that.

    The EULA is pretty much a blank check that allows CCP to ban whoever they want. Any MMO EULA has to be, or it isn’t worth having. My main take away from the whole Erotica 1 thing was that CCP ought to have warned him, banned him, perma banned him long before Jester threw his lot in. E1 was luring people out of the game to a private area to abuse them and CCP ought to have tossed him for that.

    The E1 thing remains a prime example as to why there can never be hard and fast rules in any EULA or TOS. People will figure out exactly where the edge of the rules are and go right there, then claim they were still withing the letter of the law, that there is no such thing as “the spirit of the law.”

    Of course there is the flip side of all of that, the false positive bans that end up with people like Brisc getting tossed. Brisc’s case was an outlier in that he was both space famous and was very publicly banned. I am sure there are others who get swept up with the guilty and banned and they get no hearing or response from CCP.

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  3. SynCaine

    The overall tone of the AMA comes across as someone who is leaving a game, which is what he is doing, so not that surprised. The truth is at every company there are people who are terrible at their job, of projects that go horribly wrong, and of near-miss disasters that didn’t happen because of pure luck.

    When you are happy with the company/game, you look at those things and accept them as business-as-usual. When you are leaving, it feels like the sky is falling and its all going to end tomorrow.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – And games are always dying because that person’s favorite aspect of said game is being neglected. But at least he wasn’t pushing a pet theory for fixing the game. Those tend to either be comically naive or essentially creating a completely different game from scratch.


  5. Estria Del (@del_estria)

    I was actually in CODE. at the time of the E1 bonus room crap and the most shocking part about the whole affair was how many people internally in the alliance thought it was commendable behavior. The whole alliance was built on the toxic principle that high-sec players were subhuman and you could do whatever you wanted to them. When that came to ganking and bumping, fine. However, the bonus room was considered and extension of that mentality and just “another way to stick it to the carebears.”

    I didn’t stick around much longer after that.

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