WoW Classic Coming August 27th

The announcement has finally hit, we now know the date for WoW Classic.

Classic is as Classic does

I thought that given the spotty reception that the Battle for Azeroth expansion was getting would get Blizzard to reel in the launch closer to June.  But Blizzard will move at its own pace, so late August it is.  One more of my predictions proven wrong.  Two, actually.  Par for the course.

There are, of course, lots of details as to what classic really means.  People have been following the announcements and compiling lists to keep track of what is in and out.  I watch the one in the forums and the one on Reddit when I want to see where things stand.

We know it will be based on WoW version 1.12, which has already made some people scream “That’s not classic classic!” or some such.  There is no way to please everybody on this.

There will also be the six phases of raiding unlocked over time, though we do not have and sort of unlock schedule or plan as yet.

Recently it was announced that your character count on WoW Classic will be separate from your main WoW character count.  If you have used up all 50 character slots in WoW you will still get 50 in WoW Classic, limited to 10 characters per server.

There is also a list of things that were not in classic that will be in WoW Classic.  From the forum post list:

  • The client will not run on 32-bit systems.
  • Accessibility options such as colorblind will be present, though modified to fit Classic.
  • Widescreen monitors are now fully supported.
  • Right-clicking on a player to report them has been enabled.
  • The modern engine no longer permits certain behaviors that could be used to get out of bounds.
  • chat will be integrated into Classic.
  • Loot Trading will be introduced to Classic, allowing players to trade Bind on Pickup items to other players who participated in the same kill for up to 2 hours after the loot dropped, and assuming the item was not equipped.

The lack of support for 32-bit surprises me.  Does normal WoW not support 32-bit still?  I don’t get that, but there it is.  The loot trading thing caused a fuss a while back, but it is one of those things that solved a headache for Blizz as people would petition on accidental looting, so this just keeps that being a problem yet again.

And there are, of course, the things Blizz has said will not be in WoW Classic.

  • Cross realms
  • Races after Vanilla
  • Any content beyond Vanilla (as of right now)
  • Transmog
  • Achievements
  • Progressive itemization

I don’t think any of those are controversial.

I expect that WoW Classic will be a big success at launch and that among the things from classic we will be reliving, server queues will be one of them.

If you cannot wait for August the beta for WoW Classic is launching tomorrow.  You can opt in for it with your account where you opt in for all betas.

Now I am just waiting for the “When do we get The Burning Crusade classic servers?” question to start pouring in.  Oh wait, I think it already has.

5 thoughts on “WoW Classic Coming August 27th

  1. Kaylriene

    I’m surprised they didn’t add back in the 32 bit option, but since they are using the modern code path, it makes sense – 8.0 dropped the 32 bit client along with some other changes (DirectX 11 is the lowest API version supported, or Metal on MacOS). I know one of the things they talked about at Blizzcon last year is how they had to do some interesting work to return the visual style to the classic effects under the modern engine – given how sometimes I feel like the engine hasn’t changed that much, it is interesting to see in comparison.


  2. flosch

    Damn, I feared as much. Serves me right for switching jobs in July and thus probably not having the amount of time to invest that I would have otherwise.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Pallais – Thanks! I either missed that or forgot it, most likely the latter. The change didn’t matter much to me at the time as I have been running on a 64-bit OS since I swapped over to Windows 7 back in 2010.


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