Friday Bullet Points About New Eden

Some little things about EVE Online in one post because I can’t quite get a full post about any one thing going.

  • Anniversary Gifts Claim

If you were as diligent as I was, then today you ought to be able to claim the 16th and final gift for the game’s 16th anniversary.

Last gifts for me

The final gift was a lot of skill points.

Skill points are always the right size

Before this I had over a million unallocated skill points, now I have over two million.  I keep saving them in case I need a skill quickly.  Right now I can get a long skill like Fleet Command V if I need it.  But do I need it.

If you missed a day or two… and somehow I fell behind on one account… you can still keep doing the daily redeem thing for two more days.

  • Will War Come Tomorrow?

On Monday I was writing about the coming war, now on Friday I wonder if it will come at all.  There is a State of the Goonion slated for tomorrow, after which we are supposed to move to war.  However, the most likely targets, Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition, have, according to Reddit, packed up their stuff to evac to low sec.  This must be that Fabian defense I have heard so much about.

Anyway, we will hear about our destination, if there is one, tomorrow.  It will be amusing if it isn’t Tribute and PL/NCDot, but even if it is we’ll still go blow up all their ihubs.

  • CSM14 Candidate Applications Closed

The window for registering to be a candidate for CSM14 closed at the start of the week.  If you are still thinking about running, it is too late.

While we won’t get the official ballot from CCP until May 25th at EVE Down Under, you can look at the current estimated list of candidates over at CSM Wire.  They have identified 42 candidates so far.

Evaluating the chances of various candidates pretty much means asking who their constituency is.  Aryth will be at the top of the Imperium ballot, a built-in constituency, so he is pretty much guaranteed a seat.  Others like Steve Ronuken or Mike Azariah have built independent constituencies over the years, so seem likely to return.

One interesting addition to the list this year is Matterall, the owner/host of Talking in Stations.  While he is a null sec bloc player, he has his own popular constituency based on his show.

A bunch of people on that list though, they have no visible constituency.  We’ll see if they have some real support when the winners are announced on June 22nd at EVE North.  Only 10 people get elected, and I can spot at least 10 candidates with viable followings.  My gut-level guess at winners right now, in no particular order:

  1. Ayrth
  2. (whoever gets #2 spot on the Imperium ballot)
  3. Dunk Dinkle
  4. Matterall
  5. Steve Ronuken
  6. Manic Velocity
  7. Mike Azariah
  8. Vily
  9. BlazingBunny
  10. BigChols

That would be 7 null sec players, 6 if you count Matterall as an outsider, but I doubt people will, which would be about par for the course.

  • Empires of EVE II Update

On the one year anniversary of the end of the Kickstarter Campaign for Empires of EVE Vol. II, Andrew Groen put out an update.  While the initial estimate for the book was this month, stretch goals and complications have pushed out the ship date to the end of 2019.  However, it sounds like a lot of progress has been made and that it will be a solid follow on to the original book.

  • EVE Classic

With the rush of news about WoW Classic earlier this week retro enthusiast have been agitating for various other dream trips back to old versions of MMOs, and EVE Online has not been spared.

But an EVE Online Classic would be a disaster for the game.  Leaving aside giant technical issues (as we saw at BlizzCon last year, that WoW Classic was possible depended a lot on luck, and CCP ain’t ever that lucky) and the civil war that would erupt over defining what era is “classic,” EVE Online is not WoW or EQ.  It cannot be chopped up into a bunch of discreet servers and remain viable.  WoW you could play solo or with a few friends or with a big guild, and not notice much difference, depending on what you want out of the game.  A server with 100 regulars would probably be an okay experience.

EVE Online though, it depends on everybody being on the same server.

You can bring up Singularity, the Chinese server, if you want, but you’ll note that major groups from there have moved to Tranquility because, basically, a second server isn’t really viable.

EVE Online depends on its in-game economy like no other game I have played, and that requires a critical mass of players.  Splitting off a bunch of players from Tranquility… and we have seen with retro servers in other games like EQ and LOTRO that a bunch of the players come straight from the live servers… and the market is at risk.  And if the market goes, if players can’t go to Jita or Amarr to reship and reload, things grind to a halt pretty quickly.

Also, if you are dreaming of another server where you can leave Goons and gankers and scammers and botters and pirates and blobs behind, forget about it.  When you’re done creating your character and pass through the tutorial you will find that they have all gotten there ahead of you, and will be all the more efficient at restoring things to their play style due to years of experience.  The people you hate, they are always the most likely to show up to the party.

5 thoughts on “Friday Bullet Points About New Eden

  1. Nosy Gamer

    I know I should be neutral, but I really don’t think either Matterall or Mike Azeriah get in. NCdot doesn’t have a great history of voting in CSM elections that Vince Draken doesn’t participate in, and if Blazing Bunny wins, I don’t see where Matterall gets enough votes to win. This is doubly true if Manic Velocity picks up the Twitch vote.

    I think Mike Azeriah is destined to tie commander aze’s record of futility with 5 CSM election losses after this year. With Steve Ronuken garnering so much of the null sec vote, and perennial high sec candidate Lorelei Ierendi attracting a lot of the vote, I don’t see Mike winning.

    I also don’t see a wormhole candidate emerging. That would require western and Russian wormhole players to cooperate, and I don’t see that happening.

    For the two slots I think you missed, I’d put in the #3 on the Imperium official ballot and the #2 from the TEST ballot. If PL metagaming hadn’t resulted in the elimination of Creecher Virpio last year, the TEST ballot would have resulted in it’s top two candidates (Creecher & Jin’taan) winning.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Nosy – I don’t think speculation necessarily invalidates neutrality.

    My gut says that Matterall has enough of an independent constituency to overcome whatever NCDot of PanFam decides to do. He might be the Brisc Rubal of this election. We shall see.

    I think Vily and Dunk will be at the top of the Legacy ballot and will get 4th and 5th on the Imperium ballot in the usual horse trading scheme of things. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Vily got #3 on the Imperium ballot. His presence in TEST has pretty much made cooperation with them possible.

    The real question is who will be the anointed candidate from Imperium leadership. They’ll get #2 and a seat for sure.

    Mike Azeriah is quiet, but he gets out and talks to people in his Magic School Bus all year. If he makes it or not, he and Fuzzy Steve and Manic and Matterall push down the chances of somebody like Lorelei Ierendi making the cut.

    I agree on WH space. I’ve seen a bit of “I should be the WH candidate!” “No, I should be!” but no coming together on the whole thing. Maybe Nahtor Raschura, if you count HK as a WH group solely, gets in if PanFam gets their act together and he makes it high on their ballot.

    BigChols was just kind of a guess, because they’re in Fraternity. But they’re from Origin, the old Black Legion corp, so they might not be Chinese but still could get some of that vote.


  3. Stabs

    I just logged in and cashed in the rewards for Day 12. Not sure if that means I’ve missed out on the remaining ones but ho hum. At least I’ve improved CCP’s numbers which was probably the main point of the exercise.

    Did you notice a day 15 reward was a monocle? If it does let me claim that reward in a few days time I’m definitely putting one on every alt just to grief the people who paid $80 for one a few years back.


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