The Invasion Expansion Arrives in EVE Online

Today is the day, the Invasion expansion for EVE Online is here.

The Invasion is now

The Triglavian theme is right up front as the expansion features three new Triglavian ships.  They are:

  • Nergal – Assault Frigate
  • Ikitursa – Heavy Assault Cruiser
  • Draugur – Command Destroyer

These are tech II ships, which means that there must also be the related skills, Triglavian Encryption Methods and ,Triglavian Encryption Methods as well as Triglavian Quantum Engineering datacores and Triglavian tech II components, so that players can go through the invention process to build these new ships.

There will also now be Mutaplasmids for modifying Damage Control and Assault Damage Controls modules.

In addition, there is this item in the patch notes:

The Triglavian Collective have begun to exert influence on systems within of the Hi-Security regions of New Eden. Escalating System-wide effects have been observed and Triglavian forces are roaming these systems in varied fleet sizes and compositions. Rumors spreading from capsuleer expeditions into abyssal deadspace indicate that these first waves of Triglavian vessels may be the vanguard of a larger invasion force yet to reveal itself.

This is no doubt the “invasion” to which the expansion refers, but as to what it means and how intrusive it will be in high sec space is left to be seen.  The trailer for the expansion is clearly focused on something happening as well.

However, we don’t know what it all really means, whether these will be like incursions or pirate faction FOBs or something completely new, though I am sure the whole thing will make somebody angry.

The expansion also brings round four of the War Declaration revamp.  With the expansion any aggressive war will now require the attacker to declare an Upwell structure as their HQ.  Destruction or removal of the HQ will end the war and the attacking party will not be able to declare war on the same target until a two week cool-down has passed.

The cost of wars has now been simplified.  They are a straight up 100 million ISK per week.

Mutual wars have also been simplified and do not have a weekly charge to maintain.

There is also a big revamp of The Agency as part of the expansion.

The New Agency?

The old user interface of The Agency represented the conflict between good intentions and poor execution, so we will see if CCP has been able to act on the many complaints about their all-in-one PvE content finder.

Other highlights from the expansion:

  • Faction, storyline, and office weapons can now use tech II ammunition
  • There is now a button to get a rookie ship, a corvette, rather than just handing you one automatically when you dock up in an NPC station in a pod and have no ship in your hangar
  • A new pointer tool has been added to help you explain the arcane EVE Online interface to friends you rope into playing
  • You can opt-in for the 64-bit client beta

There are lots of other details in the Patch Notes and on the Updates Page for the expansion.  Word is that the expansion has been deployed successfully.  Now we’ll just have to see what those Triglavians are up to.

4 thoughts on “The Invasion Expansion Arrives in EVE Online

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – It has been available to try on the test server for a while now, but bringing the beta to TQ is something of a big deal. I’m just not sure I want to be the first one to jump on that bus. Early reports are that the client is something of a step back when it comes to graphics. CCP had to reinvent the wheel on a few things I guess, another example of why “rewrite it from scratch” is rarely the best plan. Old code may be complicated, but it is often complicated out of need and refinement as opposed to just being bad old spaghetti code.


  2. Mailvaltar

    Our alliance leadership has already pinged that no one is to use the 64 bit client during fleet ops. Apparently it’s somewhat slow.

    Well, as the saying goes, never play on patch day. I hope they’ll get it fixed soonish, I’m sick of the 32 bit client.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mailvaltar – Heh, this does not surprise me. I suspect we’ll hear the same. Having done a couple of 64-bit transitions, you end up having to use libraries that are often new or different from what you’ve already optimized for. After they get some time on it I am sure it will improve, but something just out of the gate from CCP… I fear we have been burned on that before.

    *points to the in-game chat changes from last year*

    *mentions boot.ini*

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