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Last Chance to Vote for CSM14

The week long election for CSM14 is rapidly approaching its end.

Addendum: The time has passed, the polls are closed.

This logo will mostly be used for recriminations after the polls close

But you still have a few more hours left in which to vote.  You just go here, log in, and drag the candidates into the ballot in the order in which you want to vote for them.  CCP says you have until 12:00 UTC on June 17th to cast your vote.

Of course, if you don’t know who to vote for, it is a little late for a crash course.  The CSM Wire site has all the info, but you could be days sifting through it.

Nosy Gamer and Shipwreck Jones both have candidate summaries that will tell you who is aligned with what group and their basic candidate goals.

If you’re in a just “Tell me who to vote for!” mood I guess I can do that too.  I’ll assume if you’re in a null sec bloc you’ve already been told how you should cast your vote.  Got check your respective corp/alliance/coalition forums.

If you just want somebody who cares about the game and don’t care about affiliation:

  • Dunk Dinkle

He is in Brave Newbies, is a solid and reasonable person, and is low down on the bloc ballots so might need help.

If you believe, perhaps correctly, that null sec blocs don’t need any more seats no matter who is there, then there are a few candidates that could probably use your votes and have a chance of winning:

  • Steve Ronuken – Incumbent, represents industry and 3rd party interfaces
  • Mike Azariah – Runs the Magic School Bus to help new players
  • Manic Velocity – Popular EVE Online streamer

And if you are angry about null sec for whatever reason and what to annoy them, there is one key candidate you’ll need on your ballot:

  • Olmeca Gold – Popular anti-null sec conspiracy theorist

Otherwise, you’re on your own.  Get out and vote.  Time is running out.