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Structure Cleanup in Vale of the Silent

The way it works out a lot of the time, at least for me, is that you go out on ops to shoot structures in order to set timers and you don’t always end up being around for the follow on timers or the kill mail.  But once in a while you get to see the end result.

Yesterday I joined up with a fleet flying bombers, which meant we were off to shoot structures again.  Bombers are fast, can move far on a black ops bridge, can cloak up if trouble arrives, and if stuffed with ammo can deliver a considerable amount of damage over time.

Of course, you never know where you are headed on fleets, but I got on the black ops battleship and took the bridge off to where ever we were headed.

Bridge up on the Redeemer

The bridge got us part of the way, but we had to burn on to our first target, which was a Sotiyo in B-588R in the Vale of the Silent.  There was already a fleet there shooting it, but we showed up to get on the kill mail.

Rorqual warping in to loot and salvage

That didn’t take long, but it was a hearty kill mail.  They didn’t get to pull the rigs before it was first reinforced, so it totaled up to 50 billion ISK on ZKill.

The other fleets moved on… I heard on coms that an NCDot Eagle fleet landed right on some of the titans and was decimated by a Boson doomsday, so expect Eagle prices to rise in Jita… but we stayed in the system and spread out for some additional smaller targets.  B-588R was the same system I mentioned on Monday where we were hitting Athanors and watching their moon chunks explode as they were put into their final timer.

Moon chunk goes boom!

For once I was back in the right place and in the right fleet to help finish off a timer I set earlier.  Athanors do not need a lot of DPS to take down, so the bombers were divided up amongst the targets, but I was able to see a couple of the Athanors (one and two) I had previously shot get their final blow and explode.

Athanor goes the way of its moon chunk

Athanors are not nearly as expensive as a rigged Sotiyo, but every little bit of destruction helps.

Done shooting targets there, we moved on to IFJ-EL where a Tatara, the big brother to the Athanor moon mining platform, waited for us to finish it off.  Another satisfying explosion.

Tatara goes up as I fly past

From there we ran up to N-5QPW, where another Sotiyo was waiting for us.  We were first told to free burn that way, and I was off and going.  But then our bridger decided to give us a lift.  However, I was already far enough along, and past a small gate camp consisting of a Sabre and a Gnosis trying to pick off anybody they could catch, so I kept on burning.  But the Sotiyo would wait.  I arrived safely and was able to start shooting when I landed.

Torpedoes away!

An Eagle fleet came out from our staging to join in on the kill.  A Sotiyo is a big enough target that people are keen to whore on it.  That meant we had more than enough damage on the target to put it down in the minimum time the damage cap allows.  And while the locals had managed to pull the rigs from it to try and reduce its value (it no doubt had rigs before, a Sotiyo being not very useful without them), the kill mail still rang in at 20 billion ISK.

And after that we went home.  Black ops being handy for moving around, we were able to get a bridge back to central Tribute, wait for the red timer to run down, and get a second bridge… except for the person who had enough fatigue that they had a 30 minute red timer… right back to KQK1-2 where we stood down the fleet.

But there are still lots of structures left to shoot.  I am sure I will be out for more such fleets.

WoW Classic Load Test Went So Well More Load Was Added

Blizzard, rather quietly I felt, announced another stress test for WoW Classic, which kicked off yesterday at 2pm Pacific time.

Classic is as classic does

The kick off time meant that I would be at work when it began.  But, given what happened with the first and second tests, I figured I would be home early enough to see the servers straining under the load.

But by the time I logged in there were no queues or technical problems apparent.

I was confused for a minute because the WoW Classic Beta client wasn’t working, but for this run Blizzard had people download the actual WoW Classic client.  I thought that might take some time, but since I had already downloaded an earlier version of it for BlizzCon last year, that went quite quickly.

When I logged in I found there were only two servers to choose from, others appearing to be offline.

WoW Classic third load test realms

I later saw on Twitter that there was a reason for this; Blizzard wanted more load.


But even with that additional load, I was able to log straight in, make a new character, and run around in game without seeing any technical problems.

Practical problems however… there was an incredible crush of people running around the night elf starter area.

Hey, I guess we’re all starting off right now together!

The first quest, which involves slaying boars and night sabres right there was swamped with people trying to be the first to tag any that spawned, since unlike WoW today, only the person who tags it first gets the credit.

However, even this crowd appeared to be for a reason.

Increased populations are all part of the plan

So while competition for mobs was trying, it was all in service of loading the servers to see how they will hold up when the actual launch comes in late August.

I tinkered around for a bit, ran about, and actually got a few quest mobs, but then logged off.  Things seemed to be in good shape.  I hope this bodes well for the actual launch.

If you want to take a look yourself, the stress test runs into Friday and is open to anybody who is currently subscribed to World of Warcraft.  You just need to download the WoW Classic client from the launcher… which is considerably smaller than the current live game… and you can play up to level 15 while the test is up.

Addendum: If you tried to stress test you can give Blizzard feedback here.  Or you can just read what people are complaining about.