Introducing Your CSM14 Representatives

The opening comments at EVE North, after a bit of meandering, went into the winners of the CSM14 elections.  Over 32K accounts voted in the election and here are the results:

The CSM14 Ten

  • Aryth – Goonswarm Federation (inc)
  • Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation (inc)
  • Innominate – Goonswarm Federation (inc)
  • Killah Bee – Northern Coalition (inc)
  • Steve Ronuken – Fuzzwork Enterprises (inc)
  • Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  • Vily – Test Alliance Please Ignore
  • Dunk Dinkle – Brave Newbies
  • ExookiZ – Scary Wormhole People
  • Olmeca Gold – Delve Pest Control Inc

Only five of the seven incumbents who were running were re-elected. (Marked with “inc:)  The Judge from GSF and Sort Dragon from Darkness, both of who have been on multiple CSMs now, failed to make the cut.  The Judge was down in the fourth spot on the ballot for the Imperium, and not traded for spots on the Imperium ballot, so maybe not a surprise.  But I guess Sort, who runs the Dead Coalition, couldn’t rally enough support from his team to make the cut.

As for ballot effectiveness, the top three on the Imperium ballot were re-elected.  Aryth and Merkelchen were the top two, while Innominate was in third and horse traded for spots on other null sec ballots, leading to his re-election.

Killah Bee and Gobbins both topped PanFam ballots, so unsurprising they were in, with Killah Bee appearing on other coalition ballots including the Imperium ballot.

Vily was at the top of the TEST ballot, though Cornak Firefist who was in second spot there did not make the cut, so not a lot of trickle down there I guess.

I did not see the Brave ballot, but I suspect Dunk Dinkle would have be atop that.  He also appeared on other ballots, so trickle down may have helped push him over the top to victory.

I felt that null sec would get between 6 and 8 seats and they grabbed seven.  The three non-null seats were split in where they came from.

Steve Ronuken, an incumbent, returned.  He tends to represent industry and third party application concerns.

ExookiZ, new to the council, was one of the wormhole candidates that ran and probably the one that campaigned the most.  He was certainly the only one I saw out and about multiple times.

Olmeca Gold ran a good campaign, harnessing the “null sec is broken” vibe and producing a good video that got a lot of traction in the community.  We shall see how is platform to break up the coalitions works out.

As mentioned at the top, 32,994 accounts voted in the election, up from the 29,417 votes for CSM13 and the 31,274 votes cast for CSM14.

CCP already has a dev blog up, complete with the election data, if you want to see where other candidates placed.  I suspect that Nosy Gamer will do a blog post analyzing where people fell out.

According to the election data, the top first round candidates vote-wise were:

  1. 7200 “Aryth”
  2. 5089 “Gobbins”
  3. 3232 “Olmeca Gold”
  4. 3011 “Vily”
  5. 2196 “Killah Bee”

That was enough to elect the top four in the first round, and from there the trickle down began.  At the far end, the last candidate eliminated was Sort Dragon, falling 12 votes behind Steve Ronuken (every vote matters!), so if they need a replacement member, Sort will get back on the CSM.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Your CSM14 Representatives

  1. Lorelei Ierendi

    “if they need a replacement member, Sort will get back on the CSM.”

    It does not necessarily work like that(?)

    Back in CSM 10 I was the first runner up, and I did not get on when they needed replacements. Sugar Kyle told me that they redistribute the votes for the person that is thrown out / quits… and I did not have enough cross-platform support.

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  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Lorelei Ierendi – You’re right, they might remove the excluded person from the ballots and re-run the whole thing again. Steve Ronuken ran the possible results and posted them. Sort still comes out on top in most scenarios, unless one of the top three Imperium candidates gets cut, in which case The Judge makes it on.

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  3. Estria Del (@del_estria)

    Dunk was the top of the Brave ballot and he was #3 on our ballot (behind Vily and Cornak.) We didn’t have any goons on our ballots (we kinda figured they didn’t need us and we were right.) Brave did not have Cornak on their ballot because of a long-standing grudge they have with him from back when he used to be in Brave. Cornak ended up eliminated in 12th place mostly because a lot of our non-TEST Legacy allies just didn’t push CSM voting hard.

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