The Steam Summer Sale 2019 is Under Way

It is that time of year again… or one of those times of year… when Steam has a big sale.  This year the event has a racing theme.

The Steam Grand Prix

While I haven’t dug in yet, it looks to be off to its usual splendor.

Better than something priced wrong I guess.  Also, who goes there via the web?

I am sure there will be the usual cards to collect, queues to browse, and stickers to… also collect I guess.  I know I’ll deride the whole thing while logging in every day to dutifully do all the things.

Whether or not I will buy anything is a different story.  I will go through my wish list and stare at things like the ageing Grand Theft Auto V and wonder if this time the price is right and I will buy it at last.  (GTAV is 50% off, making it $15. Seems like a deal.)

Anyway, the whole thing is in motion yet again, so I might as well press my nose up against the glass to see if there is something I must have.  Honestly, the only Steam game I have played lately has been RimWorld.   That isn’t even marked down, though I own it already so I don’t know why I should care.

I have between now and July 9 to get in any deals.  And if I miss one… well, I guess I’ll have to wait until Winter.  Steam has trained us to wait for sales.  At least titles don’t completely disappear from the store when the sale hits.  Or maybe Steam just gets their consent.

3 thoughts on “The Steam Summer Sale 2019 is Under Way

  1. Mailvaltar

    I’m not sure I’d call GTA V ‘ageing’. It’s a couple of years old now, yes, but in my opinion it’s still the uncontested pinnacle of open world games. I haven’t played Red Dead 2 though, I don’t care much for the western setting, so I can’t compare the two.

    Anyway, GTA V is a fantastic experience. If you like the genre at all I highly recommend getting it for 15 bucks.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mailvaltar – It came out in 2013, it is almost six years old at this point. For comparison, EverQuest started launching retro servers to take advantage of nostalgia just eight years after it launched. It has been amazingly resilient thanks to its online part, but it did launch before the PlayStation 4 and the XBox One. That is getting along in years for a video game.


  3. Mailvaltar

    Damn, has it been that long already? O_o

    Still, the quality of gameplay and storytelling is uncontested. I’m not even taking the online thing into account as I’ve played that for all of 5 minutes. The ‘main game’ or ‘single player campaign’ or whatever you want to call it is truly a work of art in my opinion, something everyone who likes to play video games owes himself to experience at some point.


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