Local Blackout Coming after Downtime on Friday

CCP has given its promised 48 hours of notice.  Last Friday the company said they would give warning before this happened, and here it is.

Notice has been served

Come Friday after downtime, the local channel in null sec will change from showing everybody in the system to what CCP calls “delayed mode local,” which will work the way local channel do in wormhole space, where people only appear in the channel list if they broadcast in that channel.

This has caused quite a stir, and the forum thread on the topic is closing in on 5,000 posts.

Those very much in favor of this idea see a happy time of uninterrupted destruction in their future.  Skeptics wonder if the change will simply make targets more scarce.  And, of course, the hunted have their own view, some threatening to unsubscribe with the change.

We shall see come Friday and over the weekend I suppose.  I am sure there will be a surge in kills pretty quickly, as those who don’t pay attention to the news find out about the change the hard way.  After that things will likely settle down.

The duration of the blackout is listed as “undetermined.”  It could be short.  It could be the new reality in null sec.

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2 thoughts on “Local Blackout Coming after Downtime on Friday

  1. KroNick TV (@KroNicktv)

    Not a huge, EvE Online player, but I have played, and I could never understand the Local chat giving away your arrival… I can see this as a huge change for people to get over. Maybe this will shake things up? I don’t know, but it seems like this would allow for more pvp and greater suspense levels? Or just annoy the crap out of people and they stop playing, not sure.


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