Quote of the Day – Death to Faxes and Other Capital Ideas

I just fundamentally don’t like force aux hulls. My view would be to delete them, give the logistics role and triage role back to carriers, then refund any SP that was wasted into force aux training.

-CCP Falcon, Comment on the Obsolescence of Capitals Reddit thread

The state of capital ships, a hot topic for both null sec and low sec, has been under a lot of discussion recently.  Last weekend I had a quote from Arrendis over at INN on the state of null sec that led him to advocate for a serious change to titans.

Since then we have had posts from Jin’taan, over at INN, and Suitonia, at his blog, about capital ships, their current state, and where they should head.  And, while Force Auxiliaries come up as an issue, only Falcon has declared for their deletion and a return to a time when the humble carrier had that role.

Why would you ever think there are too many faxes?

Honestly, I think a reversion to the pre-fax state of the game might be one of the more viable ideas.  I don’t think CCP even has to refund any skill points since carriers and faxes both use the same skills.

But why stop there?  If we’re going to revert things that haven’t worked out well, lets get rid of the fighter mechanic as well and return to carriers as over-sized drone boats.  Super carriers can have their old fighter-bombers back and both supers and carriers can return to a simpler time.

Anyway, as noted, CCP Falcon has the most extreme plan of the group, save for maybe the Arrendis “just blow them up” option for titans.  But don’t fret that just because CCP Falcon says something about game mechanics that this is now the official plan for the game.  He isn’t a game designer, so his opinion on this is just that, an opinion.

CCP Falcon is certainly not entertaining any completely crazy ideas.  Somebody opened a thread on the official forums when the Drifters started hitting null sec structures wanting confirmation that CCP was essentially building up to a massive player wipe to reboot the game.  That gives us a second quote for this post:


Wiping out almost seventeen years of player history would be the stupidest thing ever.

There’s no plan to “reset EVE”.

Thread closed.

-CCP Falcon, thread in the EVE Online forums

There is little worse you can do than flush the long term investment your customers have made in your game down the toilet.  Those worrying that this might happen are simply borrowing trouble, while those wishing for don’t care for the health of the game as much as they think they do.