WoW Classic Server Names Announced

WoW Classic is coming soon and we have reached the server name step.

Classic is as Classic does

Earlier today Blizzard posted the names of the US/Oceanic and European realms for WoW Classic.  They are:

US/Oceanic – Name/Type/Time Zone

  1. Atiesh Normal Pacific
  2. Mankrik Normal Eastern
  3. Myzrael Normal Pacific
  4. Pagle Normal Eastern
  5. Old Blanchy Normal Pacific (added Aug 26)
  6. Westfall Normal Eastern (added Aug 26)
  7. Ashkandi Normal Eastern (added Aug 26 after launch)
  8. Faerlina PvP Eastern
  9. Fairbanks PvP Pacific
  10. Herod PvP Eastern
  11. Thalnos PvP Eastern
  12. Whitemane PvP Pacific
  13. Stalagg PvP Eastern Time (added Aug 14)
  14. Blaumeux PvP Pacific Time Zone (added Aug 20)
  15. Skeram PvP Eastern Time Zone (added Aug 20)
  16. Incendius PvP Eastern (added Aug 26)
  17. Bigglesworth PvP Pacific (added Aug 26)
  18. Kirtonos PvP Eastern (added Aug 26 after launch)
  19. Kromcrush PvP Eastern (added Aug 26 after launch)
  20. Kurinnaxx PvP Pacific (added Aug 26 after launch)
  21. Rattlegore PvP Pacific (added Aug 26 after launch)
  22. Bloodsail Buccaneers RP Eastern
  23. Grobbulus RP-PvP Pacific
  24. Arugal PvP Australian Eastern Time
  25. Remulos Normal Australian Eastern Time
  26. Yojamba PvP Australian Eastern Time (added Aug 27)
  27. Felstriker PvP Australian Eastern Time (added Aug 27)

European – Name/Type/Language

  1. Golemagg PvP English
  2. Gehennas PvP English (added Aug 14)
  3. Firemaw PvP English (added Aug 20)
  4. Flamelash PvP English (added Aug 26)
  5. Gandling PvP English (added Aug 26)
  6. Mograine PvP English (added Aug 26)
  7. Razorgore PvP English (added Aug 26)
  8. Stonespine PvP English (added Aug 27)
  9. Noggenfogger PvP  English (added Aug 27)
  10. Ashbringer PvP English (added Aug 27)
  11. Hydraxian Waterlords RP English
  12. Nethergarde Keep Normal English (added Aug 26)
  13. Mirage Raceway Normal English
  14. Pyrewood Village Normal English
  15. Shazzrah PvP English
  16. Zandalar Tribe RP-PvP English
  17. Auberdine Normal French
  18. Sulfuron PvP French
  19. Everlook Normal German
  20. Lucifron PvP German
  21. Dragon’s Call PvP German (added Aug 27)
  22. Хроми (Chromie) Normal Russian
  23. Пламегор (Flamegor) PvP Russian
  24. Рок-Делар (Rhok’delar) PvP Russian (added Aug 27)

Comments have been mixed about the names so far as I have seen.  They do seem to lack some of the epic names of the original servers.  But I guess with 200 or so servers already in play, you end up having to move down the list of names.

There have also been some comments about there being too few servers. (With a few wags saying there are too many.)  But we have to remember that Blizzard has a new server technology structure for servers, their layering system, that will allow one server to effectively be multiplied into multiple.  That makes name scarcity a thing, but you will be less likely to be on a different server from your friends.

Speaking of names, the big day of player name reservation comes on Monday.  They had to have the final servers in place for that.

And we also have the last pre-launch load test event going on.  This is open to all players with active subscriptions, if you want to get in and get a peek.

Which server will you pick?

For normal, I am favoring Mankirk, though only for the obvious jokes it will spur.

I am tempted by Bloodsail Buccaneers. While I am not so much into RP, RP servers tend to be chill so long as you don’t rock the boat and stay at least “RP compatible” with your name and actions.  I am always “RP compatible.”

3 thoughts on “WoW Classic Server Names Announced

  1. bhagpuss

    RP compatible is a great expression. It fits what I generally do, which is give my characters reasonably lore appropriate names and generally try to avoid doing anything glaringly out of character for the race/class I’m playing. I also like to talk in character if the opportunity arises, in that old rp-lite way loads of people used to do in Everquest.

    Eastern US is good for me so I might go for BB – also a neat abreviation. I wonder if any bloggers of this neighborhood blogosphere are planning on a guild?


  2. Shintar

    Not a lot of choice as an English-speaking EU player, with one RP-PvE server and two regular PvE ones. Waiting for the final word from my friends but we used to be RP-PvE back in the day…

    I have to say that even with the knowledge that they’ll be using layering, six servers for the entire English-speaking population of Europe (+ all countries that aren’t primarily German or French I guess) sounds very… “oof”. It’s very hard to imagine that working well. But we’ll see I guess.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Being “rp compatible” was a requirement I got used to back in the 90s with MUDs, where things like strict naming policies were a thing.

    @Shintar – I have no idea how scalable this layering architecture really is. We might have nothing to worry about. They might be able to simply add resources at the back end and make the queues fade away. Or it might be an epic disaster as they scramble to stand up more servers on launch night.

    I do suspect that one of the things in play is the hangover from having stood up over 200 servers in the past fifteen years to meet demand that peaked in 2010. Since then they have been reluctant to merge servers as that is always a “stink of death” press event, though they have effectively merged them by pairing them and by having shared common areas across server groups. They want servers to feel alive, something they have said over and over. (Often in response to requests for player housing… and yet they did garrisons.)

    I also feel that there is still a bit of the J. Allen Brack faction who feels like this whole WoW Classic thing is a huge mistake and that everybody will be gone and all the servers will be ghost towns inside of six weeks that is exerting pressure to keep the server count low. But that is purely speculation.


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